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Aileon is a nation on the southern coast of Japethe. It is bordered on the west by Ilandria and on the north by Felaire and on the east and south by the Mezinne Sea. Its capital is the great port city of Paravál. Alone among the nations of Japethe, it does not have a great spirit. Its symbol is a wingless dragon, called the wyrm. It's flag is a golden wyrm coiling across a field of green or three horizontal stripes of green, yellow, then green again.

The country is roughly triangular in shape with a long coastline on the Mezinne Sea with sandy beaches. A few excellent harbors provide homes for vast fishing fleets. The coastal cities are cosmopolitan centers for commerce, filled with travelers from lands throughout Japethe and Aphrike. The coastal lands are well watered and heavily farmed. Away from the coastline, the land steadily ascends in slowly climbing hillsides covered in olive trees and vineyards. Eventually the land rises to the semi-arid meseta that separates the country from Ilandria. The meseta is used for sheep grazing and also contains many of the iron deposits for which the nation is famous. The northern border of Aileon is the Cyreneos Mountains, which rise sharply above the lowlands with few passes.

Aileon is ruled by a secretive council who call themselves the Magi. These arch-alchemists have controlled the country since the disappearance of Dama, the great spirit of luck, more than 50 years ago. Her servants once ruled the country, but with the silence of their patron, they quickly lost all power to the Magi. Since the coup, Aileon has blossomed as a center of alchemical discovery. Aileon is renowned for its excellent steel and firearms. The only threat to the country is from the corsairs from the Aphrike coast. The Magi have built towers along the coastline to ward off the raiding slavers.

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