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Aradie's Slang

Joual, the spoken dialect of the streets of Sherbourg, is a rich mixture of words and phrases from many lands. Joual developed as sailors hailing from many different countries mixed with the trappers and canailles at the docks. While the principle influence is Saronnan, Kennardic and Ilandrian terms have found their way into the dialect. Joual is particularly expressive when dealing with the vulgar subjects of the rooks, who attempt to obscure the topics of their conversation. The dialect is not for those with delicate sensibilities.

A - C

Ald's Hostel - the jail in Riverside.
Allez - get a move on!
Arrête - Stop!
Ayoille - a cry of pain, surprise, or wonder (depending on context).
Baste - to beat a person.
Basting - a beating.
Bavard - a big mouth.
Be in the Moon - to daydream.
Beau - a handsome man, implies a boyfriend.
Belle - a pretty girl, implies a girlfriend.
Bien - good.
Blessing - a nickname for the Eci, the common silver coin of the Saronne. See Currency.
Boggle - when a criminal act goes bad.
Bonhomme - good man, can be used in a friendly or antagonistic tone.
Bonne chance - good luck.
Bordel - a brothel.
Bread and Butter - a person's business.
Buntings - underclothes.
Burr - an insulting term for a hanger on.
Butter a bet - to double (or otherwise increase) a bet.
Cachet - quality.
Caged - imprisoned.
Canaille - a thug and probably a violent one at that.
Capon - a castrated rooster; an insult in Sherbourg.
C'est bon - that's good.
Chauffed - carrying a firearm, compared with chived.
Chanteuse - a female singer.
Charm - a picklock.
Chevalier - an elite warrior who is expected to lead soldiers in battle; a knight.
Chiard - a fried hash of ground beef, potatoes, and onions; also used to mean a complete mess or a chaotic disaster.
Chived - armed with a knife, compare with chauffed.
Coin - wealth, not necessarily coinage.
Coquette - a tease.
Corned - really, really drunk.
Cosset - a mistress.
Cow Handed - clumsy or awkward.
Crew - a criminal gang.
Crown - a nickname for the Destole, a golden coin of Saronne that is the most valuable coin in circulation. See Currency.

D - H

d'Accord - I agree; okay.
Dappled - to steal one thing out of a lot of things.
Décolleté - a low-cut dress, currently the fashion in Saronne and Aradie.
Drab - nickname for the Deniet, a small copper coin of Saronne. See Currency.
Done Over - robbed.
Doxy - a woman of negotiable virtue.
Doyen/Doyenne - someone of higher social standing who isn't noble.
Ferme - a hole, also a thieves' den
Flambeau - a lit torch.
Foundling - an orphan.
Gardener - an apothecary.
Garderobe - an outhouse.
Garnish - a bribe.
Gee - acceptable.
Gendarme - a member of the city watch.
Giavere's Gaze - an exclamation denoting frustration or astonishment.
Glean - to burgle.
Gleaning - silver gained from a glean.
Glim - a candle or dark lantern.
Gloire - reputation gained by performing heroic acts or great accomplishments. Gloire is considered priceless to the nobles and chevaliers of Saronne, and its pursuit drives domestic and international politics. The lower classes often mimic their social betters and seek to enhance and protect their gloire.
Go Fart in the Clover - a rude expression of disagreement.
Greenhorn - new in town.
Habitant - a freeman who holds land in tenure within a seigneurie.
Hauteur - arrogance.
Heave - to rob a place.
Heavens - the rich upper city of Sherbourg.
Hell - a gambling hall.
Hellion - a person who works at a hell.
Hot Rabbit - a randy fellow who gets around.
Howling Jay - an insult calling a person an uneducated rube.

I - M

In the Woods - lost; overwhelmed.
I've Seen the Snow - expression meaning "I'm not a fool."
Johnny Bum - an insult for the delicate.
Joual - the slang in Aradie.
Kiss - to seduce information out of someone.
Kit - gear for thieving.
Ladybird - a woman who works at a saloon.
Lift - to pick someone's pocket.
Liftings - silver gained from a lift.
Little - a nickname for the Sou, a silver coin of Saronne that is smaller and worth less than the Blessing. See Currency.
Make Beautiful Eyes - to flirt.
Make Like the Air - Encouraging someone to go away.
Maison - a house, implies a rich person's house.
Maman - an affectionate diminutive for mother.
Manitou - a spirit made of aether.
Manse - a mansion, typically of a lord.
Marque - a guild seal.
Miller - a fence.
To Mill - to purchase stolen items with the intent of removing any identifying marks and reselling it.
Mon Cher/Ma Cherie - my sweetheart.
Mon Pote - my friend.
Mon Vieux - my buddy; implying a long-term friendship.
Money Burns His Hands - a spendthrift.
My eye! - an exclamation that denotes disbelief.

N - R

Nightwork - criminal activities.
Ninnyhammer - a simpleton.
Nique - a rude gesture of contempt formed by touching the thumb to the pinkie finger while holding the pointer and middle finger straight and the ring finger at a slight angle. Add emphasis with an upward motion.
Of Little Worth - a person not worth stealing from, a play on small silver coins being called Littles.
On Display - sentenced to a term in the pillory.
Ouah! - an exclamation meaning "Wow!"
Ouais! - an exclamation meaning "Yeah!"
Ouache! - an exclamation meaning "Yuck!"
Ouf! - an exclamation meaning "Whew!"
Oui-da - an exclamation meaning "Okay."
Pantawiddle - a coward.
Peste! - an exclamation meaning plague. Used to convey frustration, anger, or resignation.
Pickled - drunk, but not drunk enough to be corned.
Pike it! - a rude way of telling a person to be quiet.
Pisses More than He Drinks - a braggart.
Pleader - a barrister.
Providence - divine guidance.
Publican - a barkeep or saloonkeep.
Pull in Your Horns - to stop holding a grudge.
Quel Dommage - a pity; the quel is often dropped when spoken.
Quot - someone meddling in your bread and butter.
Rapscallion - a mischievous person, a rascal.
Resurrectionist - a body snatcher.
Rook - a thief.
Rookery - a place where thieves hang out.
The Roost - the Governor General's palace.
Ruffles - manacles, shackles.

S - Z

Sacre! - holy!; an expression denoting surprise.
Sans Terre - homeless.
Savant - a knowledgable person; a philosopher.
Scallywag - a scamp, a rogue.
Scraping - a form of dislike expressed by scrapping your boots on the ground.
Seigneur - a lord.
Seigneuries - vast tracts of land granted to the richest colonists in Aradie; carries with it a title of nobility.
Shabbaroon - an ill-dressed person.
Sharp - a thief who lives by his wits.
Sherry Off - to run away.
Shoole - to skulk about.
Shoon - a clown.
Silver - a general term for money.
Sing of Apples - to flirt; to court.
Sing Small - to be humble.
Skunked - a robbery that turns up nothing of value.
Slip - to avoid, especially traps and locks.
Snipping - to rob a purse by cutting it loose.
Soirée - a party.
Staircase Wit - a clever retort that you think of too late (such as on the stairs when leaving a building).
Stretched - executed by hanging.
Sugar Cabins - rustic buildings for the production of maple syrup.
Supouch - a landlady.
Tant Pis - too bad.
Tatterdemallion - someone wearing ragged clothes.
Turn Stag - to betray your companions (comes from the belief that deer will turn their horns on one of their number that is hunted).
Victualer - a supplier of food.
Voyons? - an exclamation meaning "What's this?"
Ward - a person who pays protection money to a rook to avoid being done over.
Wig - a judge.
Wind - a metaphor for chance or fortune.
Winnings - money gained in a variety of illegal ways.

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