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15th Century

1416 Stephan Walsch, a navigator from the Freeports of the Kennard Reach, crosses the Livian Ocean searching for a western passage to Catai. Instead, Walsch discovers Everique (called Everlund by the Kennards).
1419 Walsch's second voyage to Everique. His explorations to the south lead to the great Messeteague Bay.
1421 Walsch's third voyage. He discovers the Strait of Anian to the south of Everique.
1425 Sailors from Kennard begin making the voyage to the northern shores of Everique for the excellent fishing.
1426 Walsch's fourth voyage to find the passage to Catai through the Strait of Anian. He never returns.
1429 Sailors from Saronne, Morante, and Kleef start fishing off the coast of Everique.
1431 The Fisher Wars begin. Fishermen from the different nations begin sniping at each other over the bountiful harvests of the northern banks. The fighting escalates until sailors are sailing fully armed.
1437 The fighting between the sailors leads to open conflict between the navies of Japethe.
1443 Morante, Saronne, Kleef, and the Freeports of the Kennard Reach sign the Treaty of Marennes that divides the bounty of the banks of Everique. Saronne is given the most northern region, with Morante, Kleef, and the Freeports receiving a region progressively further south.
1479 Geoffrey Hawkins begins his voyage to circumnavigate the globe by passing through the Strait of Anian.
1481 Hawkins reaches distant Catai.
1483 Hawkins completes his circumnavigation of the globe, proving that Corthis is round, which was long suspected by philosophers.
1494 Birth of Jaquet d'Artais in Marennes, Saronne.

16th Century

1521 King Marcelet III of Saronne grants Jaquet d'Artais a monopoly of the fur trade in Aradie in return for a pledge to found a colony in the newly explored lands.
1523 First founding of Aradie atop the Cape along the banks of the Grande Vire River. The settlement fails due to inclement weather and the fear of starvation. The settlers return to Saronne.
1531 Aradie resettled by a larger, better-provisioned expedition from Saronne. However, relations with the Odaneois, a native tribe, quickly turn sour as the natives consider the settlement to be trespassing on their lands.
1533 Attempts to reach a peace with the Odaneois fail. The tribe begins raiding outlying farmsteads.
1539 Repeated attacks by the Odaneois force the second abandonment of Sherbourg. The fort, temple, and buildings are burned to prevent anything of value from falling into the hands of the natives.
1548 Sherbourg settled for a third time. The Odaneois that were so hostile in previous years have seemingly abandoned the region, and the settlers can find no clues as to where the natives had gone or why they left.
1552 Jaquet aligns with the Elakanois and sides with them in a dispute against the Liranequois to the south. Sherbourg has a population of 360.
1553 Jaquet and a force of Saronnan musketeers join the Elakanois on a raid deep into Liranequois territory. The raid earns the gratitude and allegiance of the Elakanois, but gains the fledgeling colony the enduring hatred of the Liranequois.
1556 Kleef establishes the colony of Meerpelt with the settlement of the town of Zollhaven at the mouth of Maurits' River.
1558 Raids by the Liranequois against Aradie begin in earnest.
1561 Death of Jaquet d'Artais. Population of Sherbourg has climbed to 640.
1563 The First Pelt War begins when the Liranequois, encouraged and armed by the Kleef in Zollhaven, start attacking neighboring tribes to control the fur trade.
1565 The Liranequois begin raiding Elakanois traders on their way to Sherbourg, attempting to disrupt trade with the Saronnans in Aradie.
1566 Morante establishes the colony of Varre with the settlement of the town of Briault.
1567 To counter the Liranequois raids, the Saronnans found Ville-Marcelet upriver from Sherbourg on a large island in the Grande Vire, near the Elakanois village of Tutonaguy. The Liranequois were raiding the territory of the Cheuveux Relevéz tribe and not present in force to stop the settlement. Ville-Marcelet quickly becomes the center of the fur trade in Aradie.
1569 A typhus (sometimes called Ship Fever) epidemic strikes Sherbourg. The disease kills twenty percent of the population before the disease runs its course.
1570 Without Jaquet's charisma and with disease ravishing the colony, the Elakanois grow distant and raids by the Liranequois constantly threaten the colony.
1571 The Liranequois defeat the Elakanois, burning many of their villages to the ground, and forcing most of the tribe to flee west and north to the lands of the Cheuveux Relevéz and the Saultecois.
1572 With the potential loss of their best ally in Everique, Saronne sends the Salores Regiment to Aradie to reinforce the Elakanois and stop the raids by the Liranequois.
1573 Another typhus epidemic strikes Aradie, probably arriving with the ships that supply the Salores Regiment. The Temple of Giavere builds a hospital in the city to combat the plague.
1574 The Salores Regiment, backed by Aradian militia, attacks the Liranequois but is forced to withdraw in the face of vast numbers of Liranequois warriors.
1576 After two years of campaigning, the Saronnans in Aradie force the Liranequois to come to terms, ending the First Pelt War.
1584 Sherbourg attacked by Morantine colonists from Varre. The ill-planned raid by the Varrics is repulsed by the city defenders. The population of Sherbourg passes 2,000.
1595 A third outbreak of typhus strikes the colony, but the presence of the hospital and the application of mayonnaise (a the recent invention) to suffocate the disease-carrying lice spares Sherbourg the full brunt of the disease.

17th Century

1612 A smallpox epidemic strikes Sherbourg when a ship carrying the disease arrives. Thirty percent of the city's population dies.
1616 The Great Sherbourg Fire begins when a cart full of lamp oil breaks loose and collides with a smithy. The resulting fire burns down a large portion of the Upper City. Hereafter, the Architect of the City requires all buildings in the Upper City to be built of stone.
1621 Raimon IV is crowned king of Saronne at age 11. His mother serves as regent, advised by the Seers of Giavere.
1622 The War of Marbled Insults begins when the King Odo of Morante insults the newly-crowned Raimon's claim to a contested province by sending the young king a box of marbles and telling him to play with these instead of playing at war. Ten years of bloodshed results.
1625 The War of Marbled Insults expands with Guiern siding with Saronne. This causes Guiern's rival country Kleef to join the war on Morante's side.
1631 Sherbourg is captured by colonists from Meerpelt, a colony of Kleef, during the War of Marbled Insults.
1633 The Third Treaty of Arcaneaux, which ends the War of Marbled Insults. Aradie returned to Saronne by Kleef.
1648 King Raimon IV founds the Daughters of the King to help stabilize the population of the colony.
1657 The Nine Years' War between Saronne and Morante begins. A large part of the colony is lost to the Morantines advancing from their colony of Varre.
1659 A Morantine army composed of regulars from Japethe and colonists from the Morantine colony of Varre besiege Sherbourg. After a vigorous defense of the city by the Aradians, the Morantines retreat, leaving most of their emplaced artillery pieces behind.
1661 Along with their Elakanois allies, the Aradians begins raiding along the wooded frontier of Varre, causing widespread panic and havoc. The raids prevent the Varric colonists from mounting another assault on Sherbourg.
1665 Ald arrives in Aradie.
1666 The Nine Years' War ends as Saronne and Morante collapse into exhaustion. Morante returns the conquered portion of the province of Aradie in return for some islands near the strategic Strait of Anian. The colonists of Varre are outraged and swear to burn Sherbourg to the ground.
1667 Jean-Henri de Carailles becomes governor general of Aradie. Unlike previous governors general, his wife (a stubborn and formable woman) accompanies him to the new world.
1668 Vivienne de Carailles becomes the first Saronnan noble born in the New World.
1669 Representatives of the major tribes in northeastern Everique sign the Grande Entente, ending nearly 100 years of warfare that began when the Saronnans arrived.
1684 Raimon IV dies of natural causes, ending one of the longest reigns in Saronne's history. His grandson Eudes VI is crowned King of Saronne.
1686 Snow-by-Night arrives in Sherbourg.
1687 The current year.
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