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Blaise Redesign - Colors

Blaise Redesign - Colors
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Blaise Preview 2

May 6th, 2014

Naty developed the color design for Blaise’s new look. He’s styling the latest in voyageur garb for his upcoming adventures.

Animazement is coming up on May 23-25. Diane and I will be making the trek down to Raleigh. Come by and see us. We’re at table B04 in the Artist Alley.



    He cuts a pretty good figure as a voyageur. Does this outfit give us a taste of things to come, or is she just experimenting? Or do you feel inclined to say? :)


      It’s a taste of things to come. The working title for Chapter 9 is “Into the Wilderness.”



    That’s the preview page from Blaise Preview 1?

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