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Mathilde Redesign - Colors

Mathilde Redesign - Colors
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Mathilde Preview 2

May 27th, 2014

Tonight’s hiatus update showcases Naty’s colors for Mathilde. This time we get to show you some of her gorgeous shading and pattern work in addition to flat colors. Mathilde is absolutely rockin’ that new outfit.

Per usual, come back on Friday to see practice headshots of Mathilde by Julie! And now that we’ve introduced all four of the main cast, whose redesign could be coming next week? Any guesses?


    Bill Meahan

    Vivienne!!! (please, please, pretty please, pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top)

    Captain Cutlass

    please be Ald, Please be Ald, PLEASE BE ALD!


      Ald is one of the upcoming redesigns. Our cranky veteran gendarme has a big role to play in the next volume. But we’ll find out on Monday if he’s next week’s redesign? I’m thinking about rolling some dice to determine who’s next.


    pretty, better…but the face still does not show enough character. THIS character is sassy and extremely independent…not sure the new character design face shows that. look up facial expressions for comic characters online. some people have posted pages full of eyes, eyebrows, etc, and often the eyes reveal the character in comics.


      Mathilde is certainly sassy and independent. On Friday, Diane will be uploading the facial expressions for Mathilde. You can really see her personality in those.


    Gorgeous shading, although the change of facial features may take some getting used to. Maybe the red head lady (always forget her name) is next, or Snow’s father?


      Vivienne is the red-headed lady. She is one of the upcoming redesigns. Will she be the redesign for next week? dun Dun DUN!

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