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Vivienne Redesign - Sketch

Vivienne Redesign - Sketch
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Vivienne Preview 1

June 8th, 2014

Kudos to those of you who guessed Vivienne would be next in our lineup of hiatus previews! I couldn’t pick out which sketch was my favorite, so have three from Julie. On Wednesday we’ll be posting Naty’s colors, per our usual pattern.


    Given how the storyline has fractured the relationships of the protagonists, Vivienne may be playing with fire getting involved in the main plot. (Or should that be playing with ice?)


    the most visually obvious personality we’ve seen from the new art so far. BETTER.


    I hope Vivienne stays as cool as she’s come across so far, from how briefly we’ve gotten to know her. Love the freckles, and I’ve always had a thing for confident redheads.


      Chapter 9 is mostly Blaise’s story, but Viv makes an appearance! She gets her own vignette at the end of Chapter 9. Well, her and Jacqi.

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