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Cienan Redesign - Colors

Cienan Redesign - Colors
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Cienan Preview 2

June 17th, 2014

Today’s hiatus update includes Naty’s colors for the redesigned Cienan. I particularly like this shot of him – the pose, expression, and shading all really come together to give him the impressive aura that freaks Blaise out. Check back on Friday to see Julie’s headshots of Cienan, and again next week for our last character preview before the comic resumes on 6/30!


    Captain Cutlass

    Holy balls! Was the purpose of this redesign to make him look like the physical manifestation of sex?! You guys really outdid yourselves this time! Only thing is his left hand looks a little janky because of the lack of shading, but everything else about this picture pushes me over the edge of excitement for this hiatus to finally be over! A well and truly hearty bravissimo to you!


    Guy sure knows how to dress up.

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