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Cienan Redesign - Headshots

Cienan Redesign - Headshots
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Cienan Preview 3

June 20th, 2014

Wrapping up our hiatus sneak peeks this week is a series of headshots by Julie to showcase our redesign for Cienan. Come back next week to see one final character redesign – Jacqueline! Per the usual order, we’ll showcase a sketch by Julie on Monday, colors by Naty on Wednesday, and headshots by Julie on Friday. After that, we’re jumping back into the story with the return of Chapter 9 on June 30!


    Aaaahhh so happy the comic’s coming back soon! Is it okay if we include the return of Chapter 9 and the announcement of Julie to the team in the SpiderForest news?

    So in my mind, this expression sheet would only have 1 expression repeated over and over … smug superiority.

    Tbh I think that’s exactly what we got here.

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