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Jacqueline Redesign - Colors

Jacqueline Redesign - Colors
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Jacqueline Preview 2

June 24th, 2014

Hello! It’s Diane again, here to bring you the next sneak peek at hiatus redesigns. Tonight we have Naty’s colors for Jacqueline. On Friday we’ll showcase Julie’s headshots, followed by our return to the comic starting Monday!



    What I feared has become a certainty: your female characters has caught the same-face-syndrome. There are slight variations, of course; one has freckles, one has a slightly more prominent nose, but yup. Cut their hair off and you can’t recognize one from another.

    It’s quite sad, because it’s obvious Julie is a talented artist.

    It won’t keep me from reading though, and I still enthusiastically wait to see the new art “live”, with backgrounds and interactions between characters.


    Her hair is quite lovely. I am excited to see the facial expressions page.

    In an entirely unrelated topic, I was at Fort William near Thunder Bay, Canada this past week, and they had an old style fire “truck” like in your last chapter. I took two photos, and I wanted to show them, but I wasn’t sure how to on here. Let me know if you’re interested in seeing them.

      oooh i wanna see! you can upload to free sites like … you don’t have to make an account to use the site [but making an account makes it easier to find your picture again later…]


      I believe that I have our FB page set to allow fans to post links and pictures.

    omg is that hand drawn pattern on the fabric. that seems extremely masochistic! LOL

    looks amazing tho~ she looks very soft featured when the colours are in. Everything about her is warm, even with the cool toned clothing~

    //excited for updates~

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