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Toothy Kit - Final Design

Toothy Kit - Final Design
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Hiatus Extended

June 18th, 2015

Hi gang,

Some good news and then some bad news.  the volume is almost done. I submitted the files to the printer yesterday. I have a few minor fixes to make from their proofing, but it will be done this week. Also, I made some minor edits to the lettering for a few of the pages in Volume 2. Diane will be uploading those shortly.

Second, the bad news. Naty has a concussion and is under doctor’s orders to limit her electronic usage. So she’s going to be taking it easy for a little bit. I will need to extend the hiatus by two weeks to Monday July 6. I’m hoping that some rest and time will result in a speedy recovery.

Until then, I’m going to upload the design image of one of our new characters that we’ll be introducing in Chapter 11 every Monday. The first up is Toothy Kit. She’s a member of the Liranequois nation, and she loves walnuts glazed with maple syrup. The rest you’ll found out when we begin next month.



    Just saw this. My delay-induced sadness in no way compares tothe importance of Naty getting better. I’ll cope, she’ll heal, and I hope both are over quickly.


    Oh dear! Yes, absolutely extend the hiatus if that’s what Naty needs. Her recovery is more important than the comic. I’ll be content with the design images, and look forward to when the comic returns.

    Eric Munson

    Noooooooooo… that is, don’t hurt yourself overexerting, Naty, and we’ll look forward to the return all the more!

    O_O yikes! I’m sorry to hear that she’s been injured. I hope she gets better quickly!

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