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Chapter 10, Page 22

March 17th, 2015

It’s Jacqueline’s turn to take the stage, which she uses to visit the stage on Chapter 10 Page 22. And looks who she meets? It’s been far too long since we’ve seen you, Mathilde. To see a preview of the next page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Julie will be holding a livestream Wednesday night at 7 p.m. Eastern. She’ll be working on the final page of Chapter 10. Come see Julie’s work and what awaits us at the end of this chapter.

If you like our work, please consider supporting our Kickstarter. I’ve been releasing a mini-comic of Paws-Tread-Lightly as part of the updates on Kickstarter. We’re three updates in so far. I’ll post more pages as we get closer to our goal.

Snow by Night's Kickstarter


    A six stringed cello!? Of all the strange things in this world, that’s probably what I’m most fascinated by.

    A perfect opportunity to vent about everything Jassart put you through!


    Seems Mathilde got a promotion, now she gets to act and direct!
    All she needs is to write, and she’s going all Barbra Streisand on us!


    Nominates actual events play was based on as next between-chapter story.


      The play itself is “The Knight of the Slumping Sword” (starring Mathilde!) and is the bonus vignette in Volume 2. Check out our Kickstarter for how to help make that happen.


        That “slumping sword” looks very much like Ivy Valentine’s sword “Valentine,” and it is deadly. Mock the slumping sword at your peril, O fat, laughing man! >:)

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