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Chapter 11 Page 18

September 1st, 2015

Mathilde visits Jacqueline on the upper gallery on Chapter 11 Page 18. The two seem to be forming a tentative alliance. Hopefully, their relationship will be healthier than Jassart and Vivienne’s.

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    Mathilde does not want to fail, and she knows she already has knocked Jacqueline off balance with her ah performance. Let’s consider her behavior first as the work of an artiste with a particular goal in mind.


    Haha, wow, I was very confused for a second because in my sleepy stupor, I mistook her for Vivienne instead of Jaqueline.


    “Hopefully, their relationship will be healthier than Jassart and Vivienne‚Äôs.”

    A curious choice of phrase, combined with Mathilde’s body language here… hm.

    Introverted Chaos

    “Charming” at first, then progressively less so. I kind of got that vibe from Jassart’s wandering eye and progressive indifference toward Mathilde, as well as her progressive annoyance toward Jassart from the earlier chapters. While I think Jass is interesting as a character, I feel like Mathilde and Vivienne both are too good for him.

    So first a forward play, and now some rather forward gestures and body language from Mathilde toward Jacqi. I’m curious what Mathilde is up to…

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