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Chapter 11 Page 23

September 22nd, 2015

Blaise is sent off to hunt bunnies on Chapter 11 Page 23. He’s feeling a little sorry for himself. So many big things going on around him and he just can’t seem stop any of it. And now he sees a challenge. Something he can do. Oh boy. To see how Blaise answers this challenge, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

I would like to plug a couple Kickstarters. The first is my good friends over at Erfworld. Rob has the opportunity to bring Xin Ye back as the line artist for Erfworld. She is absolutely, positively amazing. Join me in helping Erfworld’s Kickstarter.

Erin Mehlos, another artist I greatly respect is helping out with another Kickstarter for The Specialists. I’m a huge fan of Agent Carter so the WWII superhero premise has a lot of interest for me.




    Does this comic only update twice a week? I only ask because on your main page it says you update up to three times a week. (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)


    Who goes out in the woods and just has an expository self-dialogue?

    lol…I like the strip, but it’s a little hamfisted I think.

    Stampers Saverem

    Don’t go there, Blaise–



    Hey! Why is the tribe blaming Blaise about Snow ‘s refusal? It was Defiant the one who opened his big mouth in the middle of the ceremony.


    Makes me wonder : is Snow possibly residing in the cave presently ?

    On another note, WOOHOO ! Snow by Night books arrived today in the UK ! Gorgeous !


      Yes! They got there in good time and in good condition? I backed them with cardboard and wrapped them in bubble wrap. The USPS does a good job managing Priority Mail. I’ve seen what happens to media mail. So I shied away from that.

      The rest of the books are being shipping out tomorrow.


    Gosh, lucky Toothy Kit warned M. Dansereau about that cave, so now he knows not to go anywhere near it.


    Suspicious Blaise face!!! Promising.

    Eric Munson

    Yay, Blaise is going to get in trouble! (Again…)

    Yay, Erfworld plug! I’m supporting them, too–going back to my GiantITP roots, which is (probably not coincidentally) where I saw the ad that first led me here.


      Man, I love OotS. I’m really impressed with the latest arc. Burlew made politics into a world-shaking event that has terrifying consequences.

        Eric Munson

        You’re not that far off yourself, with a simple, annoying rook unwittingly ready to unleash hellfire on the colonies with a little wooden mask… :)

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