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The Tree of War Page 11

November 18th, 2015

The Peacemaker disappears without a trace into the waters below on Page 11 of The Peacemaker and the Tree of War. That sure ended the story abruptly. Just kidding! We’ll have another page illustrated┬áby the talented Kristin Kemper next week to wrap up this vignette before Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, the Washington Post published an article on How to Eat Like a Native American complete with recipes!



    The link to Page 11 above points to Page 10. Just thought I’d mention it.


    Look for the body? Well that’s civilized of them.

    Fill me in on the cultural practices–a stranger is apparently insolent enough to one-up the satchem during a test of courage, and after smart-talking some more nonsense, stages his own drowning (how it seems from the point of view of the bystanders).

    We retrieve his body–why? Because everyone, even this nut, deserves a decent funerary rite? Because he might have told the truth about who sent him, and just in case, we don’t want to get the Big Guy mad? Because we want to be sure he’s dead and this troubling business is really over?


      The stated point of the test was to see if he survived. If the sachem decided to just assume he died, he’d look bad, especially on the off chance the Peacemaker survived.

      If they find his body, they can say he failed the test and just go about their business as normal. If they don’t find it, he might turn up later. If they don’t even look, they make themselves look bad.


    Wow, this is a tougher audience than Glasgow Empire second house on a Friday night.

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