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Chapter 12 Page 12

January 20th, 2016

Cue the fancy ball scene on Chapter 12 Page 12. Vivienne gets a lovely new dress and Cienan falls for the bait. Or maybe — as some of you have pointed out — he’s along for the ride and wants to see where this goes.

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    Yes, judging by the faces on the gentlemen,

    a. they haven’t danced recently enough
    b. it’s too early in the evening and the wine isn’t flowing
    c. political conversation is fraught–spies and political rivals abound
    d. their ladies are unfaithful and they are poor swordsmen
    d. the musicians are out of tune–particularly the violinist
    f. all of the above


      Antoine and Claudine seem to be having a good time, though! I’m guessing it’s because a/e) they aren’t dancing, c) they’re not talking about politics and/or b) they’ve pre-drunk properly.

    Somebody Someone

    If we could more-less equal Chillheart to January, then this event is happening exactly 300 years before my birthday. Yay! :3

    Love the comic’s story and the art, as always. :)


    The noble’s face in the first scene is hilarious talk about out of his element.


    Claudine scrubs up well and good to see she’s showing her independence from the dictates of fashion by eschewing the fancy hair-do.

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