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Chapter 12 Page 14

January 27th, 2016

Finally digging out of the snow from the weekend. I dug a sledding shute for my daughter. I posted a video of a ride down the hill to the Snow by Night Facebook page.

Jassart finds a mysterious door on Chapter 12 Page 14. Such a lovely door. There’s surely nothing sinister behind it. Or is there something sinister behind Jassart?┬áTo see what the┬ásinister is behind him, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.


    Mark Linimon

    Collector? Packrat? There’s a difference?


      Yes. If you’re rich, people consider you a collector. If you’re not, people consider you a packrat — even if you have the same things as the collector.


    Ah oui, we shall see how many of the housemaids in town the thief with foresight romances just in case he needs to enter a house under um private circumstances.

    Jassart HAS to be playing several demoiselles. C’mon.

    And any housemaid of Ciernan has to be playing her employer and all the thieves in town. Or she wouldn’t hold her position for long.

    I sincerely doubt that Ciernan keeps idiots on his staff.


    Somehow I don’t get the feeling that Jassart should speak “friend” to enter.


    What evil lurks in the…doors…of men?
    The Shadow knows!

    Chaotic Good

    Perhaps there is something sinister to his *left?*

    Introverted Chaos

    Oh, for !@#$’s sake, Jassart. Do you really think Cienan would make it this easy for you? Shouldn’t you at least be throwing the occasional, paranoid glance behind you?


      Is that a female figure I see? Much less likely to be a guard and much more likely to be one of the women who don’t trust Vivienne’s taste in men.


        Or it is the maid he currently has you know the women who work for him for a time and then mysteriously get a better lot in life. Maybe he trains maid assassins!


      ..Well, I’m kinda getting the idea that Cienan wants Jassart to succeed, actually, though I honestly don’t know why I think that.

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