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Chapter 12 Page 21

February 24th, 2016

Pénélope makes her move as Jassart enters the vault on Chapter 12, Page 21. Death waits for him in the shadows, from the shadows, by the shadows. To see a preview of the next page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

I’m almost done with the script for Chapter 13. The story returns to Blaise and the Liranequois. The Liranequois are inspired by the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) and I would like to bring in some artists who have first-hand knowledge of this culture. Are you a native artist who likes to draw comics? Do you know someone who is? Drop me a message. We have guest artists every chapter.


    Stampers Saverem

    And now–

    Existential Acupuncture!

    *Ouch*, either way…

    Second panel is so creepy.
    I guess this is some sort of symphathetic magic.


    Hey, Jassart! You like mind games? Try this one on for size!!!!


    And in the next page, she slices off his clothes and ravishes him.

    Because he’s James Bo…er…..Jassart.

      Cassandra / Loki

      Please don’t joke about sexual assault.


        Sense of humor.

        Go get one.

          Hey gang, I’m going to nip this in the bud. I don’t think Apache intended any harm, but sexual assault is not a topic we take lightly at Team Snow by Night. So I’m hitting the reset on this one and locking the thread down. Apache, please feel free to make another joke on a different topic.


    Ah! This reminds me of Heron of Alexandria’s diagrams concerning hydraulics, and the opening of a temple’s doors being triggered by lighting a fire on a special alter.

    So, do the shadows cast in the shrine appear on the wall of the vault? >_<

    …Is anyone else beginning to think that Cienan is a British Manitou? Same for the spooky maid.


      Cienan is from Gartmoor, which from the map, is the equivalent of Ireland, so he’s ‘Irish’ rather than ‘British’. Apologies if I’m being pedantic here but I can recommend not making that mistake in a Dublin pub on a Saturday night. :-)


        Ceart matha- Ach, no. Pedantism is fine. I sometimes forget that not *all* of the Ghàidhealtachd have been overrun by the English. -I didn’t see the map, too.



    Shadowstep. Drain the Aether, drain the shadow, drain the soul.


    And that is why you don’t walk into Cienan’s vault and ignore the statues. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would have anything be purely decorative.

    We’re really starting to see why Blaise was such an essential part of the team here: because he was paranoid enough to not stumble into this sort of thing.


      It isn’t paranoia if folks *are* out to get you.


        You can be rightly paranoid but still paranoid.


          1. having or showing an unreasonable feeling that people are trying to harm you, do not like you, etc.
          2. feeling or showing paranoia

          a mental condition characterized by **delusions of persecution**

          -from para ‘irregular’ + noos ‘mind’

          To be paranoid is to be delusional. If you are paranoid, then you think ‘they’re out to get you, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.’ Successful thieves (i.e. Blaise) are NOT paranoid.

    Ryan Huna Smith is your man and here’s why. He’s not only talented, extremely experienced and native, but he works collaboratively with other native artists and was the pioneer, ie the first real Indian artist to begin publishing Indian superhero comics. Plus, you can probably get him!

    Also, he and his team lend prestige: “the Smithsonian Institution had inducted us into the Native American pop-culture exhibit because a lot of the up-and-coming Native artists were using imagery from Tribal Force.”


    Okay, maid went from super creepy to super scary.

    A ghost (shade?) who can harm/kill you through your shadow? That’s just not right, and definitely drops a shroud of evil on the owner of this vault. I think he’s taking his vault security a little too seriously.

    Jassart is a punk, but I don’t want him to die. :/

    Introverted Chaos

    So is she trying to kill him or merely using light and shadows to screw with his head? Or is her plan to screw with his head for a while, then kill him? I kind of like option 3, but any of those will do.


      I was about to ask the same thing! I feel like she is just tricking him because it looks like she is not even in the same room he is in (the puzzle door room) and is instead just outside it where the statue is holding the lantern? And that lantern in turn lit another lantern closer to Jassart?
      The little caption also indicates that they are each in different rooms, and that he is surprised by a lantern lighting beside him because he would have surely heard Penelope talking to herself and lighting a lantern right beside him.

      She’s definitely messing with him somehow, but can she still kill him with some fancy magic or… something? If a fiery explosion can’t get rid of Jassart, I kinda doubt shadows will either. Just spook him, I think.

        Penelope and Jassart are in different rooms. Penelope is in the shrine. Jassart is in the vault.


          Phew, okay! That’s what I thought I was seeing and kept going back and forth in the pages to really get an orientation of the rooms! Thank you! :D

      Penelope does enjoy screwing with Jassart’s head.


    So called it maid assassin!

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