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Chapter 13 Page 19

July 18th, 2016

The Morantine scouts get distracted by the opportunity for mischief on Chapter 13, Page 19. Snowball ambush! Heh heh heh! You can see Snow and Elk prepare to respond when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

GenCon is on the horizon! We’re busily making fun things for show. We hope to see you all there!



    I suppose there are worse ways to go but ‘assassinated while having a snowball fight’ sounds like it’s on Enzo’s bucket list.


    You’re never too old for a snowball fight!


      I’m not sure … websearch for lich and snowball fight didn’t found anything, so maybe you CAN get too old for snowball fight …


    Is it weird if I’m hoping they’ll all just play together in the snow or something and be friends?

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