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Chapter 13 Page 30

August 31st, 2016

Snow-by-Night isn’t the only spirit with a mortal body, as Pénélope is ready to face the mundane world on Chapter 13 Page 30. Cienan’s words of warning fall upon deaf ears of her excitement.

This concludes Chapter 13! I won’t be posting on Monday for the Labor Day holiday. So next Wednesday begins the vignette How We Decided You’re People! as Told by Toothy Kit, Wisdom-in-Training. Unlike a lot of the vignettes, this story takes place during the timeline of the main narrative. And if you like Toothy Kit, you’re going to love this vignette. If not, Elk will be around to offer commentary.

The artist for this vignette is Mittie Paul. I thought her style fit the over-the-top style of Kit’s storytelling. And I was right. See for yourself when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Steph and I will be at Baltimore Comic Con this weekend! We will be at Table A305. I’ll be there with Snow by Night things and Steph will have her Final Arcanum things. Come by and say hello. We’ll have deals on books!



    This page implies that Penelope is no longer bound to Cienan’s service. Was making sure Jassart stole the mask the final task she had to do to fulfill the terms of her contract, or was the contract terminated by her “death”?

    Also, I had a question about earlier pages which I’ll post here because I’m not sure it’ll be seen otherwise at this late date. Several times on their trip, Defiant Elk is shown speaking Gallic in front of Toothy Kit. (There’s also the fact that he hadn’t planned on bringing her along, which implies he didn’t need an interpreter.) So when did he let her in on his secret?

    P.S. The comment box is acting weird — the text isn’t wrapping properly, such that the length of lines is greater than the width of the box. It makes it hard to see everything that I’ve written.

      It does look like Elk has let Kit in on his secret. It must have happened during the weeks while they waited for the ice to melt. As for Pénélope’s contract, I’ll leave that to you to decide.

    Falling Star

    …Goodness, she does look like me.


    Remind me, what is that spirit-thing in the corner of the last frame? It seems to be looking at her.


    She would make a wonderful Dread Pirate Roberts

      Maybe we’ll do a spin-off after Snow-by-Night wraps up. :-)

      Kinda tricky to convince people you’re the pirate who has been marauding for 20+ years when you’ve got boobs and all the existing reports are of a male pirate . . . she could totally be an awesome pirate, just maybe not Roberts.
      Roberts’ daughter, Roberts’ niece, Roberts’ ex-lover, no issues.
      Entirely unrelated bad-ass pirate lady, no issues.
      Female version of Roberts? Kinda goes against everything known about Roberts and therefore significantly harder to convince anyone that she is Roberts.


    I can understand her, spirits have watched humans, they envy what they
    see, their freedoms, their ability to change, she could do with a teacher,
    someone who chose this and has learned by the life they obtained, theres a
    bit of me thats going ohhh shiiii….. and also a bit of me thats going, you go
    girl, enjoy this.

    Introverted Chaos

    Bitchin’ hat, Penelope!


    Last time Penelope had a human body, she kept a couple of spritely characteristics that would come in handy if she needed to escape, uh, the constabulary or some other enforcer of “outside” rules. I wonder if she has those advantages along with this body too.


    Penelope aims to misbehave!
    Can’t wait for the vignette, love both Toothy and Elk!


    It occurs to me that Snow might have been better off getting a body from Cienan instead of asking her father for a heart and getting indebted to Chugan in the process. Too bad he wasn’t recruiting.

    And now I too wonder what Pénélope is about to do. Mischief, probably.


      Given Cienan’s nature, I think that would have just left Snow indebted to Cienan. That’s not a man who gives out free mortal bodies out of the goodness of his heart.

      Then again, would being indebted to Cienan be worse than being indebted to Chugan? Hard to say.

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