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What are the JapethansĀ if not human? Toothy Kit and Defiant Elk offer a number of alternatives on Page 2 of How We Decided You’re People. This page is brought to you by the artists talents of Mittie Paul! She’s using two different art styles for this vignette to illustrate the flashbacks and present time. You’ve seen the present time art style. You can see the flashback style when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.



    Kit is always so adorable. Can I adopt her?

      I’m planning on launching a Patreon later this year. One of the features I’m considering is “Ask Kit!” where you can ask the Wisdom-in-Training questions and get her responses.


    oh Snow– “all by my seeeeelf…”


    This was probably before her time, actually. Would the tribe have welcomed her if they weren’t sure she was fully people?


    So, TK conveniently forgot she is mixed race. :)


      Why should she have forgotten that? She would probably even be proud to be some weird halfbreed bear-human. That way she would be special among the humans (her tribe) while still being sufficiently more human than the whites to feel superior to them :-)


    Closest to the Ents discussing whether Merry and Pippin were actually hobbits.

    Falling Star

    Sounds legit.

    I think I love Defiant Elk more every page…. ^_^


    So its a Kanonsionni Valladolid…

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