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Chapter 13, Page v8

It’s decision time for the elders! Bear, snakeman, rabbit, or human? I have a feeling that the other shoe will drop on the next page. You can see what Mitte has in store for us when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!



    Yay-we get to be human because we can act like humans! Also, we would consider ourselves human, they would consider us bears. We would not care. They would think that they were dealing with ursine overlords eventually.

    Kate from Iowa

    …so then we declared war!


      I think it’s the newcomers who declared war. “Not fair!” they said. “We wanted to be bears!” But the council refused to retract its decision, since it had been made. And so they had to fight.


    Was re-reading the archives recently and I have to say, being from the northeast I really appreciate how well winter climate was captured. I like when I can look at artistically rendered winter and think “I know that kind of cold.” After a while I actually had to look outside my window to remind myself it’s still late summer.


    Erm . . . yay, human?

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