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Chapter 14 Page 22

January 16th, 2017

Chapter 14 Page 22

Guess who’s got two thumbs and all his organs? This guy! If you’ve been following on social media, then you know recent events with me. If not, here’s the summary. What the doctors thought was a cancerous tumor was actually a high-grade, severe dysplasia (I think I have all the words right). It’s the last step cells make before they become cancerous. This one was caused by a gallstone wedged into my bile duct that was causing chronic inflammation. The surgery was necessary to remove it. When they pulled it out, they got a positive margin and when they tested the removed tissue, it was non-cancerous.

So right now, the doctors don’t believe I have cancer. Instead, I was just about to have cancer. So instead of Stage 1, I was Stage… 0.5? For the immediate future, that means I don’t have to have a Whipple procedure and can keep all my organs (Hurray!). The tumor is off for a full pathology. If the tumor has cancerous cells, then I’m doing chemo. If that comes back as clear, I will not need chemo. They are going to want to scan me for a couple years to make sure this doesn’t come back.

This is better news than the best case scenario I could have hoped for. I’m back home now and happy to be here. This also means that I can start working on the next chapter. Thank you for all the love and support! It really means a lot to me. I continue to be one of the luckiest people I know.

This means the hiatus is over. I’ll be postingit’s Map Time when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.


    I’m with Maveverin, this is the legit best news I’ve seen all month. Gratzi!


    I am so happy for you! :D Glad to hear you’re going to be alright, and didn’t have to lose anything, either! I’d say this puts 2017 off to a good start for you. :)


    Very glad to hear that, as someone who lost a parent to cancer and has twice had non-malignant tumours removed from various places I know something of how stressful it can all be. Hope the biopsy results come back completely clean.


    Wonderful news, wish you a speedy recovery from the operation! :)

    Cpt. DeadEye

    I’m very happy to hear the news. I hope more good news are coming!


    Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you!


    Three cheers for the doctors & the good news! Hip, hip, huzzah! Hip, hip, huzzah! Hip, hip, huzzah! Wonderful all around. Here’s to more comics, more healthy days, & more life!


    So you got the surgery at like 23:59? Good you didn’t waited.


    Well that is some great news!

    Excitedly following the story’s unfolding, as well.


    Glad to hear you get to keep all your organs! I know I’m very attached to mine, so I can only imagine how happy this makes you. :)


    Glad to hear you’re doing okay. And THANK YOU for not writing “make due”. That’s another of those common mistakes that drives me up the wall.


    Yay! I’m so glad you’re okay and that everything turned out to be even LESS scary than what it started out to be!


    I’m so glad to hear that you came out of everything so well. I hope that your results all turn out to be non-cancerous!


    Wow that is amazing news! Crossing fingers for you!


    Just let them do their thing after you’ve won and no worries.
    Resolved for 2017: Mondays are Awesome!

    The Shadow

    Congratulations!! I know what it’s like to have a close call like that.


    This is supposed to be Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year, so that is exactly the sort of news we want to hear today. Now if you’ll excuse me, I just need to step outside and discharge an automatic weapon into the air in celebration.

    Oh, and this new general is throwing away all her natural advantages, isn’t she. Typical new arrival in the colonies, thinking she knows better than the locals.

      Squire James

      I don’t see her throwing away anything. She is being skeptical, and perhaps dismissive, but didn’t say anything like “We’ll have to do without them.”

        Kate from Iowa

        But, given that relations between the two/three groups of people isn’t exactly a sure thing, perhaps she’s just being realistic. Without representatives of the native tribes in question to say “yes, we’ll work with you” she can’t count them as part of her forces for planning purposes, because they might not be.


    *does happy dance*
    This is legitimately the best thing I’ve heard all day. my morning’s been filled with crud…crud…cru-ohhappybirthday-ud…
    but here’s a ray of sunshine!

    And can you imagine how happy doctors must be when they can reverse direction like that?

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