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Chapter 14 Page 30

February 13th, 2017

Chapter 14 Page 30

Jassart and Talons-that-Seek have much to discuss, and that concludes chapter 14! On Wednesday, we move to the vignette Know Your Place by Robin Childs of Leylines! You can see a sample of what’s to come when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.




    Alays is right. You never listen to stories. You apparently didn’t hear what happened to the last spirit dancer.


    Up goes the ante! We met two lovers, a mediocre rook and a . . . (cough) . . . torch singer.

    Turn, and they quarrel and part: one becomes a social climber and the other is revealed as a successful business owner.

    Turn again, and they are now a spirit dancer and a mage’s apprentice, one who may have learned a great deal about alchemy and magic in her secret past.

    We have reasons to mistrust both of their patrons

    The erstwhile lovers sure don’t like each other.



    …And that was the moment that Jassart started down his path to supervillain.


    Yasss, there is certainly no hidden catch and everything will go swimmingly. Like swimming through fire.


    Problem #1: an enemy army is going to attack the city
    Problem #2: a dangerous fire spirit is going to reclaim its full power

    Now will these problems combine into a bigger problem, or will they neutralize each other?


    Jassart: “There are no caves in the cliffside.”
    Talons-That-Seek: (thinking) Huh? How could this human *possibly* miss those giant caves in the cliffside? A blind toad could spot them at two miles on a moonless night! Well, better play it cool and maintain that aura of superiority: “None that you can find, MORTAL.”

    And then they get there and discover that the prominent caves Talons-That-Seek remembers were buried in a landslide eighty years ago.

    Actually, how long ago was he imprisoned in that mask? I’ve forgotten.


    Jassart: And that, my children, is how I sold my soul….


    Never trust a flaming chicken.

    Unless you have BBQ sauce standing by.

    Mmmmm. BBQ sauce.

    that guy

    Does it mean Jassart took a level in warlock?


    ‘My flames will not harm you.*’



    Jassart/Talons-That-Are-On-Fire OTP.


    I actually want to know what they have to discuss. is it the Terms and Conditions?

    Falling Star

    Jassart DEFINITELY got hotter in that last panel.
    [all puns intended]

    Introverted Chaos

    Don’t trust him, Talons-that-Seek! Don’t trust him!


    intriguing turn in the story!

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