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Chapter 14 Page 4

October 24th, 2016

Chapter 14 Page 4

Duty calls for Vivienne but she leaves Jassart with a final plea. We shall see what becomes of it later. For now, we follow Vivienne to the docks. Do you like tall ships of the Age of Sail? Julie drew a great one! Check it out when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!

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    Last move he makes as a human *puts the mask on and says ‘If you Don’t help me out of this we Both die by Cannon fire.’


    This is the part where an impatient Jassart does something really stupid, right?

    Somebody Someone

    Gosh, that girl is looking so stunning.


    A new army? Great, they can use one.


    I just can’t get the feeling from Jassart that he actually loves Viv. For some reason I don’t trust a lying rook, go figure.

    Thanks for changing the dialogue bubbles into boxes 2 pages back–it reads much better that way.

      Introverted Chaos

      Personally, I think their relationship is far more interesting if they’re both playing each other for their own ends. Like, the ultimate lovers’ battle of wits to figure out who’s really manipulating whom.

      Since the dialogue was happening later than the actions on the page, in hindsight it was better to convey that through caption boxes. Fortunately, this is a webcomic and can make changes like that!

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