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Chapter 15 Page 10

May 15th, 2017

Chapter 15 Page 10

Heer Pieter makes his appearance, and he needs a cannon! Don’t we all need cannons? I’d love a cannon.

Pieter has an instant rapport with one of his visitors. Can you guess which one? For the answer, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!



    Suddenly the Overture of 1812 with the cannons just went through my head.

    Da, da da da, da, Boom!


    If the cannon is big enough the world could be the cannon ball. ;-)


    Maybe he should try with lemons first.

    that guy

    Hmm hmm hmmmm…

    It would appear that this dude is Corthis’s Galileo and Newton at once, who in our world worked quite some time apart from each other. And when I check the Almanac, astronomy of Corthis runs on principles we would call Ptolemeian. Newton’s mechanics allowed for a mathematical derivation of Kepler’s laws, which were previously quite empirical observations, and that ended up as the final nail in Ptolemeian model’s coffin. On the other hand we have seen the alchemy is quite well developed, and that it allows for things that no 18th Century chemist could ever hope for.

    That raises quite few interesting points concerning the science of Corthis, or even Corthis itself. What this guy is doing, in our world led us to modern science – but quite obviously his world doesn’t have to run on the same science as ours. For all I know, he can even be the local equivalent of, say, our deniers of theory of relativity.


      Newton spent as much time on alchemy as on physic, if not more. It’s just that his alchemy research didn’t got far. It’s possible this person won’t get far with science.

      Also, I don’t think cannon can actually shot that fast. He would need railgun to reach orbital speed. Or at least ram accelerator.


    That’s it, I already love this character. XD

    Robert A. Woodward

    He did one of Galileo’s experiments (apocryphal I believe), has a drawing that shows one of Newton’s thought experiments, and quotes Archimedes.


    Oh look and here’s the test subjects, I mean cannon fodder, Dang it! I mean the other army all lined up outside.


    Will Pechelbel’s canon do?


    My guess is Toothy Kit. She’s obviously the one who’d be most excited by the idea of a cannon.

    Now to click on the voting link and see if I’m right!


    Yes, he does have instant rapport! I want to see what he does with the cannon. :D


    you don’t want canon, it’ll ruin all your fanfic.


    Oh great. He’s a Spark isn’t he?

    Can’t get you a canon. Would a bishop do?

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