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Chapter 15 Page 19

June 19th, 2017

Chapter 15 Page 19

Pieter begins his observation of Snow-by-Night and Toothy Kit wants in on the investigation. Will Pieter be getting a lab assistant? Will the vote incentive for voting for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics help? All these things are answered with “Maybe!”

Steph and I had a great time at AwesomeCon! My thanks to everyone who stopped by the table, chatted,¬†and bought books and prints. We’re looking forward to going back next year!

Denver Comic Con is on the horizon!


    Falling Star

    does that make her a crystal gem


    Amethyst eyes? Guess this means she won’t get drunk. ;-)


    I really like the dialogue in the last panel. Pieter is my kind of guy.


    Oh, wonder how training to be a ‘Wisdom’ is going to fit in with knowledge of Science and Alchemy? This could be a big opportunity for Toothy Kit to move the Liranequois into the modern world (Defiant Elk’s already taken the first steps) or a major disaster in the making. Or possibly both.


    Cool! I like Snow being friendly a lot more than being angry. Or… maybe friendly isn’t the right word. Tolerant. Yeah. :P

    Also, I’m having a bit of a hard time figuring out what it is that’s in the foreground of that last panel. I see what appears to be a stone column, even though I don’t see the same column in the first panel, at least, not without a wall attached to it. And then the orange crystals with a chain attached make it seem like those scrolls below are QUITE far below. Are we looking at the scene through the window shown in panel 1? And there’s a bookcase or shelf below with the scrolls on the top of it?


      The column: look at page 9 of the chapter, there are several columns supporting gears.


        Oh I see it now! They are on the second (or third) floor and I can even see the floor end where it’s the big cut-out part in the middle to make room for gears, and the cut-out part is where I can see those scrolls through, down to the lower floor! That’s why they look so small/far away! Thanks! :D

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