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Chapter 15 Page 22

June 28th, 2017

Chapter 15, Page 22

Steel is stronger than iron. Pieter firmly believes that this is true in more than just metallurgy. So much so that he’s prepared to be a student of a different tradition. This theme is one that is woven throughout Snow by Night. Combinations are always more stronger than their component parts.

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Steph is heading to Denver Comic Con this weekend! She’ll be bringing with her the brand new Volume 1 books! No more chapter books for Volume 1. We now have a sweet, sweet trade paperback that’s 172 pages long and comes with a brand new vignette!

I’m in the Netherlands this week. I’m tweeting my journey through Amsterdam on my twitter feed. I’m also uploading batches of photos to Snow by Night’s Facebook page.

*EDIT* No page update on July 3 in observance of the US Independence Day. We’ll see you on Wednesday July 5!




    Snow’s expression cracks me up. “No fire at all in me? How DARE you, SIR!”


    If you like to see some real dutch, be sure to visit a few other cities, less touristic yet as fine as Amsterdam: Zutphen, Zwolle or Deventer.
    Those cities have their old houses still erect and mixed fully with the modern houses and art which is so typical dutch.

    And when you travel by train: Don’t bother getting angry because of the late trains, we do have an infrastructural problem, but you’ll be seeing the whole of Netherlands that way.

    Besides that: I hope you enjoy your stay and welcome to Netherlands!


      Actually, we are going to Deventer on Friday! I have a friend who lives there who is going to show us around the town. She bragged that her town was far better and more interesting than some of the other places we were looking at. I’m looking forward to it!


    I had fun guessing which liquid picture was which of the remaining elements. Took me a while.


    Heh, Snow looks affronted at Pieter’s remark. Might just be impatience, though.


    Small typo in the first panel there: “an alloy that stronger and more durable”.

    I like the…liquid metal? Whatever the cool shiny stuff is. It’s one of my great regrets that I am far too young to have been able to play with mercury in school.

      Le sigh. We had three people read this over and typos still leak through. Having a bunch of readers to catch this is the upside of webcomics!

      It’s mercury, the messenger metal of alchemy. The alchemists of Corthis use it to reveal and communicate in their experiments.


    I suspect that a healthy elemental balance is necessary for certain aspects of natural self to appear. Consider the yin-yang duality: darkness in light, light in darkness. Only a spirit can be entirely without an elemental aspect; conversely, an entity which does _not_ lack an elemental aspect cannot be a spirit.


    An ice spirit that has no fire? weird.


      An ice spirit with fire is an contradiction, or perhaps more practically, a human. No doubt this is the sort of integration Snow needs to undergo in order to make the transition from manitou to human, and thus “gain a heart.”

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