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Chapter 15 Page 29

July 26th, 2017

Chapter 15 Page 29

Love begets love; fire begets fire. Pieter plans to harness Blaise’s emotions and transfer some of his fire to Snow-by-Night. The words remind Blaise of another ceremony he witnessed in Sherbourg many months ago.

In addition to emotion, the physical is an important part of alchemy and there must be a path for the fire to transverse. Either that or Pieter is kinky. See for yourself when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!

Just a heads up, I am going to take a short hiatus after this chapter. Amanda Gomes is doing the next vignette which follows this chapter. It looks amazing, which is crucial because of how important this vignette is to the story. However, she’s had a rough year with moving, starting a new job, and then a death of a close member of her family. All of these have delayed page creation. Please excuse the brief delay while we finalize the vignette. The last page of Ch15 will be posted on Aug. 7. We’ll resume posting the vignette on Aug. 23. It’s only a couple of weeks and Steph and I will be at back-to-back conventions those two weeks anyway. If you’re going to Otakon or GenCon, come by and say hello!

When we start back up on Aug. 23, Snow by Night will be launching our new Patreon page! You’ll get to see Chapter 16 come together as Julie begins work on the thumbnails and Steph begins the color design work for the chapter. While the vignette is posting to the main webpage, I’ll be uploading the sketches, line art, and colors for Ch16 to the Patreon page. By the time the vignette is done, we should be about 8 pages ahead if not more. It’s going to be an exciting time to follow Snow by Night!



    Next scene: the Snow-By-Night gang reenact the end of The 5th Element…

    Kate from Iowa

    Well, he asked the important question, given what he’s seen of alchemy that involves Snow.


    Is it just me, or is her dress getting wider? Any significance to this?

      Eric Munson

      The dress is the one she wore to the midnight vigil, methinks…


        When they did the whole candle-flame ceremony, yes? Well spotted! I think you’re right. Interesting that her clothing reflects her mood or thoughts…

          The Gorram Batguy

          I’m pretty sure Blaise is just imagining/remembering her dress from that night long ago, and not that Snow-by-Night has physically changed outfits.

          Yes, this is Blaise imagining back to the Long Night festival.


    Nothing too kinky hopefully. Oglaf’s tales of the Snow Queen are a good illustration of the perils of a dalliance with an ice spirit.

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