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Chapter 16 Page 23

January 8th, 2018

Chapter 16 Page 23

We’re back! I hope everyone had a wonder holiday season and a great New Year! May you all find happiness, prosperity, and health throughout 2018!

I’m particularly happy as at this time last year I was going into to surgery to remove what the doctors thought was pancreatic cancer. Instead, it turned out to just be almost cancerous and statistic of “40% chance of living 5 years” is no longer hanging over my head. I get to finish this story after all! Hurray for still alive!

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    So glad you’re still with us, Eric! I sense you have so many stories left to tell. Cancer can go burn in a dumpster fire.

    Robert A. Woodward

    I am a bit late, however:
    Vivienne, the answer to your 2nd question is “Yes” (but you should have suspected that). The answer to what I suspect would had been your 3rd question (if Sings-to-Moon hadn’t forced a subject change), is “Yes, you and Jassart are just pawns on Cienan’s chessboard”.
    What I want to know is whether Sings-to-Moon came up with this plan to trap Talons-that-Seek permanently or whether Sings-to-Moon, noticing that Cienan was a clever man, discussed the problem with him and Cienan devised the plan.


    Please tell me we aren’t going to listen to endless laments about how evil Viv is for abandoning Jassart in the spirit realm… Please?


      Wow, I sure hope not. Do people still think Jassart’s not a villain at this point? D:
      Villains are supposed to have tragic backstories so he’s all set! This “breakup” just adds fuel to his “fire!” Hehe.

      Who would lament? Jassart has no friends. Mathilde despises him, Jacqueline and Ald distrust him, Viv just got burned (ba-dum-dish) by him, Cienan uses him, Snow-by-Night would gut him, Laurent is his rival, and Blaise doesn’t know.


        So then, you’re saying that all of Jassart’s hopes and dreams are going up in smoke?

        (I’ll be here all week folks, try the veal!)


    “Follow me. I know the way!” “Got lost in his own museum, eh?” “Uh-huh.” :D


      Wow, I don’t know that I’ve ever actually seen a quote from The Last Crusade aside from “We named the dog Indiana” before. Top marks to you, my friend!

    CPT DeadEye

    Glad to hear you’ll be alright!
    Now it’s time for some crafty elusiveness.


    I like her a lot! Or him. I know it was mentioned that’s not a thing that usually matters to spirits.
    Also, I like her logic! “Is that what you should be focusing on right now?” Hehe.


      I like her too, and I like what she said, but I dunno about calling that logic. I mean, “yes” is only 1 syllable, so is “no.” “Yes, but focus on your situation” is 10. “Is that what you should be focusing on right now?” is 12 syllables, without a yes or no. That answer looks to me like misdirection that’s pretending to be the need haste. I mean, answering the question would have added literally 1 second.


        Then I guess I like her misdirection skills and the somewhat ambivalent first impression it gives her. :)


        Although I agree that it was a crafty re-direction, It was also necessary. If Sings-to-Moon had answered this questions, Vivianne would have asked a host of follow up questions. Getting her to focus on the immediate issue was the right thing to do.

    Introverted Chaos

    “Most elusive of all” is pretty much exactly what Viv needs right now, come to think of it.

    I like Sings-to-Moon so far. And while I *want* to trust him, I think it’s important to keep in mind that “get out of here” may not mean the same thing to a spirit that it does to a human.

    Thomas David Despain

    Oh Good! I hope you stay being alive.

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