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Chapter 16 Page 6

October 30th, 2017

Chapter 16 Page 6

Voilà! What a great word. Vote for Snow by Night to see a preview of the next page!

The Kickstarter for Volume 3 is coming this Wednesday! The project description is complete. The rewards are set. We even made a video while we were up at Fort Ticonderoga! Windblown Eric and Steph making a video is great footage!

Not only will we be funding Volume 3, but you’ll be able to pick up copies of Volume 1 (which I had printed back in the spring) and Volume 2! That’s the entire first half of the Snow by Night story! Coming this Wednesday!




    Oh boy, I can’t wait to see Viv’s reaction to all of this…


    “Good … good.. you brought the sacrifice …” oh what could go wrong ?


    That doesn’t need to be that far, Japethans don’t even have space travel capabilities.


    Voilà is indeed a great word. I should use it more often.


    What can possibly go wrong?


    To Hell it is then. *Brings marshmallows.

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