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Chapter 17, Page 21

June 25th, 2018

Chapter 17, Page 21 is up! Please enjoy!

This concludes this scene. I’m out of town for the next two weeks. so we’re switching to multi-page scene updates for the rest of the chapter! I honestly think it’s fo the best. The story reads better in scenes. I’ll give you a heads up before I post the update.

Also, we’ll be doing a site update in July to account for Project Wonderful folding. Things will move around a little bit on the site, but it should be easy enough to navigate.

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    Whelp, there go the landshark (rhinoshark?) and belk (bat-elk?).
    Kinda wonder how effective such critters are versus artillery to be honest. A blast from a cannon or two at short range, given their sizes, should do some damage. Preferably a shrapnel/grapeshot load instead of a single solid ball. No need to precisely aim – cannon-sized shotguns would do wonders at close range. \


    Is it bad that I feel sad that the chimerae had to die? Imagine being created just to kill and be killed…


    I can finally stop screaming.


    Poor chimnerae…

    Mark Linimon

    We’ll keep checking back in.

    It will be strange to not have the Project Wonderful ads anymore.

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