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Chapter 2 Page 14

August 23rd, 2011

Almanac Reference: Phoenix Oil

Chapter 2 Page 14 is up. Jassart concludes his business with Bertrande and comes away with a few toys. Bertrande would crown me for calling her alchemical creations toys. So don’t tell her I said that. She has sharp elbows.




    Stealing from your supplier of special goods seems like a pretty terrible idea when 1. they probably know you’re a thief since everyone in town seems to anyway and 2. you just specifically brought the item in question to their attention to ask what it does.

    This and avoiding his lady friend kind of give me the impression he doesn’t care about what comes after this job. Maybe steal from the museum after all, make a huge mess and disappear? Or, perhaps he’s just a dumbass and as much of a klepto as you’d expect a thief to be.

    …And of course he took it anyway.


      what else would he do? he is a thief, after all.


        Yes, but pissing off an apothecary, where you regularly buy supplies….heck, pissing off ANYONE you regularly buy supplies from is….no the smartest thing to do.


    Oh gods please don’t use that in the museum!

      Who? Jassart? Use highly dagerous, unpredictible oil in the middle of priceless artifacts in hopes of A) catching a theif, and B) Getting back at Cienan? Don’t be silly… :)

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