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Chapter 2 Page 27

October 11th, 2011

Chapter 2 Page 27 posted. Masking that sound effect took forever. But the result was sooooo worth it. Also, this page has one of my favorite panels so far. I’ve dreamed of this panel for months now. And Brittany brought it to life (so to speak) perfectly.

I uploaded a new incentive panel. Please vote for Snow by Night. We’re climbing quickly. We’re now in the 130s.



    I sure hope she doesn’t melt. It would be incredibly difficult to question a puddle.




    … Is he trying to kill her? Seems a little extreme! Also, reckless. Museums are flammable.

    I know, I know. She’s not going to die, but eesh!


      Right? I’m glad part of my idea of what might be going on seems to be wrong, but it leaves some of the alternative: he dumb. That is absolutely not something you fling around indoors unless you’re trying to be an arsonist.

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