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Chapter 4 Page 22

June 26th, 2012

Chapter 4 Page 22 is up. Blaise sets to work and proves why he’s the “Charm” (slang for  a picklock) of the group. To see a great shot of Blaise from the next page, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Now that it’s been a couple days, Britt and I are finally recovering from HeroesCon. It’s a wonderful convention, but the drive back on Sunday is always brutal. We did very well this year — meeting lots of new fans, telling people about Snow by Night, and even making some sales. Thank you to everyone who stopped by out table. If you are joining us for the first time, welcome! Britt and I hope you enjoy the story. I took some pictures at the convention. You can find them on Snow by Night’s Facebook page. Go check them out. While there, give us a like on Facebook. We do love to be liked.

We also met a lot of other great artists. We had the pleasure of sitting next to Shazzbaa of Runewriters, who was sharing a table with Sarah Shaw. We also met Tess Cooper of Little Forkers and Rachel Deering of Anathema, as well as several great illustrators Jason Axtell, Justin Gerard, and Michael Watkins. Several of our old friends where there with new books — Jen Z. Smith of LaSalle’s Legacy, Elaine Corvidae of Riven Sol, and Chris Flick of Capes & Babes.




    Clearly it’s a high priority. You should put aside less-important things like breathing or spending time with your wife and daughter until you’ve resolved this.


      There’s a thing called sleep that you can put aside to get stuff done too. The cats on the ceiling are great company!


      Pbbbbbht. I’m working on the last request you had – the store. This turned out to be fairly involved. But we should have something up within the month.

      You going to Otakon?


        I took the easy solution and liked you with my wife’s profile.

        Re:Otakon, I will not be there but a stack of my coworkers will.


    Let me look into G+ and see what sort of bandwidth we have to update both social networking sites.


    Any plans to appear on G+? I’m there rather than Facebook.

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