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Chapter 5 Page 7

September 11th, 2012

Almanac Reference: Peste

In Chapter 5 Page 7, an utterly defeated Blaise tells Mathilde all about his pocket manitou. If a pocket monter is pokémon, is a pocket manitou a pokéman? I’ll have to ask Diane. Speaking of Diane, my thanks to her for covering for me on the journal entry on Monday. I was under deadline and didn’t have time to swing over. You’re a trooper and a treasure, Dee, but not a treasure trooper. That’s looks like a scam.

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    She sure played him realy good.Can’t belive he fell for that one.


      Have you seen Mathilde’s portrait in the Store? She get’s an enormous reaction bonus to all social interactions. Double the bonus for Distractions.


    Rule number one in dealing with women who don’t really care for you, dear Blaise… Always protect the jewels.


    Mathilde + Snow= Jassart is very screwed.


    ERIC! OMG. Snow-by-Night is now permanently getting called a pokéman in my vocabulary. What you have done is irreversible.

    Also, prepare for horrifying fan art. (And make it double!)

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