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Chapter 6 Page 29

May 28th, 2013

Almanac References: Drab

Chapter 6 Page 29 concludes with a new bargain struck between Snow-by-Night and Blaise. Let’s hope that the third time is the charm. Next Monday, we begin the vignette Winter Fantasy, illustrated by Julie Wright. To see a sample of the incredible art you can expect, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comic.

Brittany and I traveled down to Animazement this weekend and the convention lived up to its name. It was amazing. We met so many great anime fans down there and got to tell hundreds of people about our comic. We sold close to 70 books, which is a record for us. No rest for the wicked though. Anime Mid-Atlantic is right around the corner.



    Has she found her heart?

    Good job! You closed out the chapter with me wanting more. I’ve read other comics that drag things on. I enjoy that story enough to keep coming back, but I want the current chapter to close.



    That is all.


    Is it me, or does that roof look like the top of Castle Heterodyne, also the scene for the meeting of two star-crossed lovers not so long ago?


      It isn’t intentional, but we’re huge fans of Girl Genius. So maybe their is some Foglio influence?

    Dr. Jones

    I’m really impressed! I came by your table while you were at Animazement, and loved what you had to offer. Now, I’m really happy I swung by to read up!


      Glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by the booth at the con and I hope you stick around for the show ^__~


    So, has Blaise just done something noble, or has he just persuaded the girl of his dreams to stay in harm’s way just so he can still be with her?


    Good classic set up–different worlds, different tastes, and now we have the gods separating them. In baroque opera, up they go through the glory cuz some other gods think they make a cute pair. What might happen in the lore of the First People, I wonder?


    I can’t see this ending well. I’m dreading any of the myriad failures I expect,and rooting for them despite that.

    This is going to be “right before your eyes” isn’t it? Heh…I can see where she’s going to find her heart, even if she doesn’t see it yet.


    I found this comic today and i already love it. I am shipping Snow and Blaise so hard.

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