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Chapter 7 Page 21

September 30th, 2013

Snow-by-Night and Jassart make their way into the city on Chapter 7, Page 21. They’re followed by Mathilde a few minutes later. To see a preview of Wednesday’s page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comic.

Brittany and I just got back from AWA. It’s been a long couple of weeks between that and the trip to Quebec. It’s been great, but tiring. It’s good to be home where I can get back to work on scripting Chapter 8.

SpiderForest is running a comic of the week program to raise awareness of some of the wonderful comics who are part of the collective. This week, our comic is Sombulus. If you like Terry Pratchett then you’ll love this humorous fantasy adventure.



    Quick! Sneak up on him and whisper ‘bonjour!’


    These are some good guards.

    Wait, what? Three people just snuck past them! They can’t be good guards.

    It’s night and winter, yet they are awake and outside in their patrol area.

    These are some bloody good guards.

    Guarding, if you’ve never done any, mostly consists of trying to not fall asleep while nothing interesting happens for many hours at a time. Many, many hours.

    Bill Meahan

    Snow has always been a “babe” with her blue hair but doesn’t seem like an ox to me. ;)


      You have earned Blaise’s Stamp of Pun Approval.
      stamp of pun approval

        Bill Meahan

        Many thanks! Of course I did write a newsletter column called Severe PUNishment several years ago. :D

        I never thought I’d be a stamp collector, but Blaise makes it so fun!


        Now that I think about it, Snow-Blaise is quite an “ox”ymoron in terms of couples. XD
        On top of that, you could say Blaise must be quite “oxy” for the “moron” that he is, considering his cat-like climbing skills. :P
        Now I just wonder how many times he has thought about Snow’s “Bunyans”. XD


    Something bad is about to happen to the doubting dude :3 So happy the comic is going again! The photos were awesome and brought some authenticity to it, but I missed the story!


      Aw thank you! We had a great time up north, and I came back with a host of new ideas for the comic. Brittany has more than 3,000 photos for reference. We’ve missed the story too, especially since we’re racing toward the end of the chapter.


      “Something bad is about to happen to the doubting dude”
      Considering the hairdo and the bulge on the chest, this “dude” is in fact a woman.

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