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Chapter 7 Page 7

July 30th, 2013

Blaise admits to Jassart that he might be kinda sorta in love with a snow spirit on Chapter 7 Page 7. Jassart tells him how stupid that is. To see a preview of the next page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Otakon is next week. We’ll be there with books for Chapters 1-4, the prints of the Spirits of the Seasons as well as the alchemy prints, and buttons galore.

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    Simone Li

    You really captured the look of hurt on Jassart’s face in panel five really well! I could feel it.

    In other news, Jassart is a big baby and should be treated as such. He’s really trying his best to protect Blaise (one reason I ship those two so hard), and, while he *is* kind of ignoring Mathilde, he still cares about her. I’m not sure if I’m reading some of these comments wrong and misinterpreting them, but there’s really no logical reason to hate Jassart!

    Thank you and have a good day!


    Considering they each seem to still have quite a bit left from that last big heist, as long as Blaise isn’t frivolous with his money he’ll be set for awhile.
    And finding her heart could easily mean becoming capable of love or even falling in love with someone.
    Blaise has a far better plan than Jassart, whose greed could easily lead to his downfall.


      Reminder: Snow’s dad said something like…once she finds her heart, she’ll disappear for 40 years:

      “I shall give you a manifestation. It will last until you find your heart, then you will* return to me. Afterward, you will not be able to manifest — not even as the wisp you are now — for eight-score seasons.”

      Assuming a score is the same in that world as it is in ours (likely so imo), one ‘score’ is 20. Eight-score is 160. But eight-score /seasons/ means 4 per year, so 160/4 = Snow-by-night vanishes for 40 years after finding her heart.

      *: Note: the ‘will’ here is vague. Does Snow have the choice to disobey, or does the very nature of the ‘spell’ mean she returns to him once she’s found it? We don’t know.


        A score is 20. I’m not going to mess with measurements without good reason then it will get an almanac entry


    Hm, so selling your aether is a pretty big deal. Not as harmless as, say, donating blood.

    I take it that it regenerates, but selling it demonstrably lowers your lifespan or something.

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