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Chapter 8 Page 11

January 20th, 2014

Whoops. Looks like Blaise’s plan didn’t work out so well on Chapter 8 Page 11. Time for plan B! Or is it C, now? Either way, Jassart’s not having it – and a blade’s been drawn. That’s serious stuff, Jassart. How far are you going to take this? To see a preview of what happens next, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

This week’s SpiderForest Comic of the Week is Evus, a gorgeous webcomic of steampunk adventure in the skies. From the synopsis: “Set in a vast world of endless cloud seas, Evus is a steampunk-inspired story about adventure and discovery – of both the mysteries of the world outside and the world within.” Check it out when you have a chance!


    Thanks for presenting us such important information!


    “I’m sorry, Blaise, but I’m going to save you, even if I have to kill you to do it.”

    I’m sure Blaise will appreciate this sacrifice Jassart is willing to make, once the manitou is no longer an issue…

    paging jeremy, jeremy you are wanted at the front of the line, your time has come. XD [no but really please tell you you squealed with glee at jass taking out his knife XD]

    in all seriousness, shit about to go down.

    also i know everyone is saying PUNCH OUT JASSART but man he could just punch out lady b and be done with it LOL.

    [on the other hand, i like all these characters, so i’ll be sad to see anyone get punched — or knived, for that matter.]


      So, now I’m an object of mockery. Wow. I know the writing on the wall, and I know whatever I say is going to be taken in a way that’s fundamentally wrong.

      In this case, I have no further time to waste on this comment section.

    Wondering how this plays out in terms of Gloire, a concept we’ve seen is very important to Jassart. Pursuit of Gloire leads to actions that might seem wrong to a modern audience. Is his betrayal of Snow-by-Night oathbreaking, which will destroy his Gloire, or does he think he is being noble, brave and honourable by trying to save Blaise from himself not to mention saving the City from a dangerous manitou and curing the next outbreak of plague? I’m sure he has convinced himself of the latter, but how will society at large view him if the truth comes out?

      An interesting speculation.

      For my part, I suspect Jassart would not receive any especial approbation for his deeds; his victim, was, after all, not a human being (and especially not a human being of the approved/normative ethnicity, social class, etc.).

      The false pretences with which he has lured Snow-by-Night to the alchemist’s might stand against him in the matter of accounting for his Gloire, but I think that would depend on Snow-by-Night being granted consideration by Jassart’s peers as a moral equal, consideration that I very much doubt they would extend.

    It strikes me that, of the (human) protagonists, Jassart is the most self-centred and least empathetic, so it perhaps comes as no surprise that he is willing to pull a knife on Blaise to ensure the destruction of Snow-by-Night continues apace.

    Some signs might already have been present:

    (1) Jassart’s treatment of Mathilde and his dismissal of her concerns and desires. If memory serves, there is little to no in-comic evidence showing that he actually took her very seriously as a partner in a relationship – sending Blaise with messages for her (instead of coming to see her himself regarding important business), ignoring her request that he desist from pilfering the Governor General’s manse, then trying to lie to her about having done it after the fact, and remaining oblivious (it seems) to the deterioration of their relationship.

    (2) Despite his claims to Blaise (“we’re crew!”, “I do need you!”) in this scuffle, he seems to otherwise treat Blaise as a clear subordinate, and, what is more, dismisses what Blaise wants, or what Blaise feels, in favour of what he wants, on the apparent presumption that what he wants must necessarily be superior (or, alternatively, that what Blaise wants must be irrational and worthy of dismissal, because booze – although I dare say Jassart would find any other convenient reason.)

    (3) Before leading Snow-by-Night, on false premises, to the alchemist, ’twas Jassart who suggested securing her assistance – again, on false premises – to rob the Governor General’s manse. And of course, rather than treat Snow-by-Night as a sapient creature, Jassart appears to have consistently maintained the conception of her as an “other”, whose “bad influence” on Blaise is to be extinguished at any cost (for Snow-by-Night, that is – he’s going to profit handsomely from the particular “extinguishing”).

    TL,DR: Jassart is coming off as a very unsympathetic character at the moment (pun intended). I wonder if his growth as a character will involve surmounting this great flaw of his.


      Don´t forget also the fact Jassart is the one who has cross the line drawing his dagger. Blaise didn´t have any weapon in hand.


    …Well-played, Bertrande.


    why are they hurting her? what is the dark haired woman trying to do to snow? why did blonde go from being a semi good guy who was a thief to this?

      Bertrande (the dark-haired woman) is extracting the quintessence (or aether) from Snow-by-Night, who will be destroyed by the process if it is not interrupted.

      Jassart (the blonde man) has come to this – drawing a blade on his best friend and enabling the destruction of a Manitou spirit – because – or so it seems to me, at any rate – he (a) believes it is the best way to rid himself of an inconvenience affecting his business partner (and, dare I say, now-estranged friend), (b) feels that he knows better than Blaise what Blaise needs in his life, (c) is (perhaps not surprisingly) short on empathy he is willing to extend towards manitou spirits, and (d) stands to make a great deal of money – possibly enough to live comfortably on for decades – from the sale of Snow-by-Night’s aether.


    Is that a 2001 reference?

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