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Chapter 8 Page 13

January 26th, 2014

Jassart realizes what he’s done and blames Blaise on Chapter 8 Page 13. Mathilde was right. It’s always someone else’s fault. To see what Bertrande is doing to Snow-by-Night in the meantime, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

It’s the last week of SpiderForest Webcomic of the Week. This time it’s The Only Half Saga. The author, Denise Randall, wants us to start with Part 3: Of Dhampirs and Warlocks. I’m going to give it a go. Join me if you can.



    Man, for a moment I thought we were in Egypt. Because boy is Jassart hip deep in de’ Nile on this page.

    Omi Lynn

    Man, Jassart, don’t you think you’re going just a little insane?

    Somebody Someone

    Ah, looks like both of them are still on the edge. Even though Blaise knows what task is cut out for him, Jassart thinks he should get into the swing of things too.



    Typical criminal thought pattern and immaturity. What’s really sad is when I confront an older Con and he still hasn’t grown out of it. Quite realistic!

    Aww… it’s only a flesh wound (literally), he can still move his arm and all.

    Seriously though, isn’t Blaise bad at, well, saving people? >_>

    You had ONE JOB, Blaise… O_o;


    Is it just me or does Jassart remind you of someone from a really bad anime programme…?…


    Omigosh, the tip of the knife is still red.

    okay panel 3 broke my fucking heart. and then the rest of the page just kind of trampled and pulverized what was left lmao.


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