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Chapter 8 Page 26

March 16th, 2014

The fire brigade arrives at the burning laboratory on Chapter 8 Page 26. Wooden colonial towns were prepared for fire as it was an ever present danger.  We modeled that fire truck of off a working model they have at Williamsburg. To see the colonial fire engine in action, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

I’m pleased to announce the start of our 2014 Art Contest! We have 11 entries. This first week is the qualifier round. Instead of being paired against each other, for this round all the entires are in a single poll. You can vote for your favorite once a day. On Saturday March 22 at midnight, I’ll close the poll for the qualifier round. The eight submissions with the most votes will then move on to our Elite 8 round and be paired up for voting contests next week.  To vote, visit our Art Contest Voting Portal.




    These last few pages seem to be so beautiful in the coloring. Love it.
    I honestly cannot wait to see chapter nine. I wonder how Viv’s role in this will be.


    On my way there in a couple of weeks–I’ll look for it. Anything else I should keep an eye out for, that you’ll be using? ;D Love that place.


      No kidding! My wife and I got married under the big live oak behind the old courthouse, then had the “Just Married” pictures taken with me in the pillory. Fun times!


      I’m always a huge fan of the Fife and Drum. If they have a demonstration on the green in Willaimsburg, I highly recommend it. It’s fascinating to watch how you can use the instruments to convey commands quickly to a large unit. The fife and drums will become important later. Also, if you look around Williamsburg, you might see Vivienne’s carriage rattle by. Her carriage was modeled on the one used by the governor of Virginia.


    I’ve seen that model at Williamsburg! It’s amazing how simple a machine it was.

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