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Chapter 8 Page 5

December 16th, 2013

Bertrande begins the experiment on Chapter 8, Page 5 and Snow-by-Night does not find it a pleasant experience. Run, Blaise, run! To see a preview of the next page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Next week, we will be on break. If you wish to have a piece of fanart prominently displayed, please send me your creations. You can use my email on the About page.  In other news, Minuiko sent over some updated pages for A Life So Free. I’ve updated the pages. They are 7.v1, 7.v3, 7.v4, 7.v7, and 7.v8. The tweaks she made improved the pages noticeably.

The SpiderForest webcomic of the week is The Sundown Boys. Set in an alternate, dystopian future where cities, states, and even countries have succumbed to the richest and most dangerous criminal organizations, Robert, Leon, and Geoffrey Heron work as soldiers and assassins for the DeSaule Organization. After a chance encounter with a girl from Leon’s past, the brothers find themselves swept up in a major conspiracy which will reveal not only a startling secret about the brothers’ abilities, but also long-kept secrets of the DeSaule Organization.



    You cannot truly feel pain because you’re just a spirit ?
    Then what about I slander you, insult you, your dead relatives and loved ones ? It’s not physical, so it’s purely spiritual, so it’s not real pain. Right ?


    Can’t truly feel pain? I see an article in this, Bertrande, if you survive, that is. That book you read must have been written by a Materialist–nuh uh, looks like the Neo-Platonists are on the right track.


    Hah! Now that she’s trapped, she’s reduced to to uttering threats not unlike ‘My daddy will hurt you!’

    Well, Snow, you finally get a taste of how helpless WE feel when you and your DAD use your powers. Serves you right. Hopefully learn some respect for mankind’s power from this.


      Mean… But true. I doubt she can find her heart without stepping into the shoes of humans and understanding vulnerability, compassion and all the flaws humans have.


      “Hopefully learn some respect for mankind’s power from this.”
      Does it require killing ? I think not.

    Elsa Helsing

    I’ll be honest, if Jassart really thought Snow was a bad idea for Blaise, why wouldn’t he just leave the subject alone?
    If she is or isn’t, Blaise would eventually realize that. He isn’t the most mature person, or the smartest, but I bet he would know in the end if she is indeed a spirit to be messed /partnered with.


      Because Jassart is right, and Blaise is wrong.


      Don’t forget that all that aether is worth lots and lots of coin.

        Elsa Helsing

        True, and I know Jassart doesn’t like her, but I’d expect him to feel sorry for her, or at least care about how Blaise would feel about all this.


          He already told himself that he’s being a great friend by helping Blaise “get over” Snow. He believes Blaise will anyway, and since Blaise will just think he was abandoned, he’ll get over her faster (and stop being so annoying about this heart business). Of course, Blaise wasn’t supposed to show up . . .


      Jassart is also really scared what Snow will do when she finds out that they were using her for housebreaking purposes and haven’t the faintest idea how to get her a heart. He doesn’t want to get frozen to death.


    The Top Web Comics preview is still showing the previous preview.

    I wonder if Snow could revert to purple-gem form to get out of this? Though my guess is that if she tried, she’d start to fade away, then be snapped back into her present form. The chair/circle runeward thingy probably keeps her from doing anything “magical” whatsoever.


    I think perhaps Bertrande will be joining her husband.


      I hope not. I like her more and more. I always hated stories in which the spiritual aspect is supposed to be completely overwhelming to the mortal aspect. I really, REALLY like humans who can take spirits down with science.

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