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Birds of a Feather Page 4

April 6th, 2014

Jassart (re)explains his plan to Blaise on Birds of a Feather page 4.  Blaise may be a good charm (lock pick), but his listening comprehension skills leave something to be desired. Jassart, on the other hand, has a quick mind. To see a sneak peek at page 5, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

We had some trouble with our server on Friday and a bit on Saturday. Our host had a bad node and Diane had to flap her arms at them until they fixed it. After some discussion we decided that the server trouble affected all the contestants equally. So we’re going to maintain Saturday at midnight as the end of the Final Four round and proceed from there.

Congratulations to Laura Chilson and Rein Eire. They are moving to the championship round. Winner of this round wins the contest and gets the grand prize. You can vote daily for your favorite.  They are two excellent pieces.



    Actually, having that sort of pick or a tension wrench would both be historically inaccurate. You wouldn’t have had a modern style pin and tumbler style lock in 1684.

    A skeleton key might have worked, if you wanted to lift or turn the individual plates in an old lock you’d need a tool much, much sturdier than a modern pick.

    A pick would either bend or snap off. You’d have better luck with something with a working end the size of a screwdriver.

    Ninja Kraken

    It looks as if one of his tools may well be a tension wrench, actually.


      Hmmm, no both items are relatively strait, with a few serrations, resembling picks.
      Of course, it may just be my perceptions and the artists meant one to be a tension wrench. No matter, the story is the important thing, and it’s wonderful, as always!


    To pick a lock requires a pick and a tension wrench. Blaise appears to be holding two picks. That would be very difficult to make work! Not that I’m an expert, I’m just learning the art myself. I pick my own door lock when I get home from work for practice.


    Inb4 Laurent is inside.

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