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Vivienne leads her cavalry forces on a surprise attack on the flank of the Morantine battery on Engagement on Vineyard Hill Page 2. To see a preview of the attack on the battery from page 3, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Vivienne’s assault is not in keeping with the conventions of Japethan warfare. Instead, shes’s drawing from the irregular war that was common on the American (and therefore Everique) frontier. The French were excellent at it during the many conflicts up to and including the French and Indian War. Vivienne and her fellow colonists from Aradie are using those tactics as well. We’ll have to see if her fellow officers from Saronne appreciate her resourcefulness.

NekoCon is this weekend. Diane, Julie, and I head down on Friday. Because of this convention, I may not be done lettering Monday’s page by Sunday. If that happens, I’ll be uploading a special treat instead. Many of you asked for it — a painterly ad of Vivienne. Julie did a terrific job with her.



    Cassandra / Loki

    Could you commit to giving us the painterly ad on Monday? If many of us have asked for it, and if it’s the ‘easy’ option, there’s no sense in making its appearance uncertain. :3 Win-win for everyone, no?

    Captain Morgan

    That’s actually pretty solid tactical work- the detail about walking the horses is particularly good. Ranger units under British command (pre-Revolution) used this tactic pretty frequently against (amusingly in this context) French Troupes de la Marine.

    And everyone loves a good flanking cavalry charge.


      I’m a big fan of Major Roberts and his rangers. They used a lot of the same tactics as the Troupes de la Marine, who learned this style of war from the Hurons while fighting the Iroquois. Did you notice how we had Viv’s squadron in light gray? As a colonial unit, she and her cavaliers would have fallen under the command of the French navy and wear light gray instead of the white of the French army.


    “The next person who laughs at the notion of a female squad leader is getting their throat cut!”

    Stampers Saverem

    All’s fair in war, including cheatin’!


    3 different sentries, and entire army moving up, imo that part is too fast, not realistic. The sentries would have to be really bad at their job and the attacking army taking a big chance that they were. Normally attacking army would send in advanced special force of a few on foot to take the sentries out then signal the rest to come.

    (If they had a spy in enemy camp or some other means to give sentries drugged food then signal the army, could work but don’t see that yet either)


      It’s not the whole army — just Vivienne’s squadron of 100. Also, you should treat the three sentries shown as a representative sample. If we showed every sentry being ganked, I’d need two pages just for that, and I wanted to get to the fun stuff that awaits at the battery.


    Those sentries are creepily passive about getting their throats cut.

    Introverted Chaos

    Nice. That’s one way to storm a battery! Long been into military history, so I love these kinds of unconventional tactics.

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