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The seventh and last page of Feathers and Frost is now up. ┬áThis concludes our first vignette on Snow by Night. My thanks to Eric Schneider for a job well done. His ability to draw birds made this story come to life. He’s a fantastic artist and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.

Next week, we turn back to the main story with Chapter 2 “The Trap.” The first page will go up on July 6. We’ll be ramping up to two pages a week shortly after that. Until then, the Top Web Comics incentive is a preview of Cienan yr Tuathal. Blaise was dreading a visit with Cienan. See him for yourself with a vote on Top Web Comics.



    That would be a great tale, if not for the fact that not all crows migrate and crows playing in the snow is the most common winter sight.


      I was limited by page count so certain things got cut. The crows laughed at the migration and stayed to taunt Old Man Winter. Some of the trees were too afraid of Father Winter so they didn’t change their leaves. Instead, their leaves stayed evergreen.

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