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Chapter 2 Page 2

July 12th, 2011

Almanac Reference: The Heavens

Chapter 2, page 2 is up. We will be switching to two pages a week starting next Monday. As I mentioned earlier this week, Brit has had some family emergencies that have prevented us from going to twice a week at the beginning of the month. She asked me to post the following:

Dear readers, I am sorry to say that the twice-a-week posting of chapter two will be delayed due to karma hitting me full force in a very short amount of time. The saying, “when it rains, it pours,” is an apt description of the deluge I got hit with.

Within a week or so I have lost a dear Aunt, my family’s dog of 17 years had to be put down, and my Mom ended up in the hospital (she’s ok now). I’m usually not one to wave personal problems as an excuse for missing a deadline but circumstances have forced me into an uncomfortable position. Take a week to put myself together and delay the twice-a-week posting or start posting and run the risk of missing an update down the road.¬†After a long discussion with Eric we’ve decided to take the former and delay the dual update schedule for a week or so. We will move up to two posts a week as soon as possible.¬†Again, I’m sorry for the delay in the two pages a week update schedule. Thank you for being understanding and reading Snow by Night.


I love my artist and agreed to delay switching the update schedule for a couple weeks. Fortunately, we’re now back on track. Thank you for your patience and readership.

*edit* Whoops. Forgot to load the new vote incentive on Top Web Comics. It’s up now. So see a preview of what Blaise and Jassart see when you vote for Snow by Night.



    Finally life has given me a break so I can sit back, relax, and enjoy a webcomic. Love this cover. Excited to see what happens next


    “So this is what morning looks like? I don’t like it.”

    Ha ha. I’ve felt that way some mornings. Just started reading and can’t wait to see where it goes.

    I really appreciate your art style, easy to follow, but has lots of detail that makes the world come to life! For example, the cross hatching on the windows in the second to last panel, or the design on the horse carriage. I appreciate the extra effort!

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