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Chapter 10, Page 18

March 3rd, 2015

Vivienne grills Jassart about what happened last time he was in the museum on Chapter 10, Page 18. Jassart tells the truth from a certain point of view. Controlling the message is a powerful tool.

On a different note, see what Vivienne would really would like during a late-night study session when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

More of the graphics are flowing in for the Kickstarter campaign. Go Steph go! The language for the page is done. Go proofreaders go! I’ll get all the rewards language done tomorrow. Go me go! We’re on track for our Monday launch for the Volume 2 Kickstarter campaign. I’m so excited to make this happen.



    I like how she plays his game – and is better at it than he is.


    It helps to know that Viv can lead a regiment, out ride Jassart, out shoot him, and beat him at fencing, cards, and every other conventionally male pursuit. Um, somebody’s not that bright if he hasn’t figured out who has the upper hand, and who will keep it.

    Just watch out for Cienan. What does he want, and what will he do to get it? Want backstory!


      What Cienan wants, what he’s willing to do, and his backstory will be revealed. I’ll promise you that.

    Playing footsy under the table is not conducive to conducting research . . .


    “It”? “IT”!? Snow is a “she”, you douche!

    Please, let Vivi meat Mathilde so she can know more about what happened and Blaise’s side of the story.


    “So this is what happens.”

    “That’s nice, but you are lying. Quit while you’re ahead.”


    i love how the background and Viv’s leg seem to form a heart on the last panel.


    Just kick him, Viv.


    Well.well… Seems like Vivienne and Mathilde might have words sometime… possibly soon.

    Twisting facts somewhat isn’t he? Using the tools he’s given indeed…


    Oh yeah, she definitely likes her some bad boys, she do.


      “likes some bad boy” Possibly… another explanation is the “this guy is a heart breaker croak so I am can do similar to him”… type of girl who sees herself as white knight avenging the “women scorned”.


    So, if his face is burned, why is his eyebrow intact?


    I see your foot on his leg, Viv. Trust me, girl, you can do better.

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