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Chapter 10 Page 7

January 25th, 2015

Jassart makes an educated guess and it pays off on Chapter 10, Page 7. He better be careful when playing games with the First Estate of Sherbourg. He could end up dead. Which might not be such a bad thing. Jassart has quite the story for Viv. To see an glimpse of it, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.



    I just love her happy bright-eyed look when she says she could arrest and torture him. :)


    I thought the clergy was the First Estate, is it different in France (and therefor Saronne,) or am I mistaken?

      Black Mantha

      I think he meant “estate” as in a family and its belongings. So the “first estate of Sherbourgh” would mean the foremost family of the city; the de Carailles family.


      Nope. I got them backwards. I was referencing the Estates General of the Ancien Régime. As a noble, Vivienne is part of the Second Estate.

    Freaking superb flow in the word bubbles for this page :)

    And I still lean more toward weary like for Jassart myself. He didn’t do what he did out of pure malice or greed even, tho he did look benefit from it. He’s not a bad dude… just not a pure hearted Disney guy like Blaise (also not a bad thing, I love Blaise lol)

    I think his cockiness on this page, it’s more showing off in front of the ladies than being proud of what he did… (that said, I doubt he’ll ever think what he did was actually wrong.)

    I love this comic :’D


    Funny. He’s right. And people hate him for it.

    The only reason people LIKE Snow, really, is because they are outside of the story. Almost anybody, if they met her, would be scared, or at least quite wary, of her. She’s a spirit who threatened an entire village of being buried in the snow because they didn’t immediately bow to her demands, after all. And showed she could.

    Honestly, sane people would be really scared of that. And those men she tantrumed into obeying her aren’t doing it out of respect, they’re doing it out of FEAR.

    If Snow was clearly pointed out to be a villain, the same action would have readers think she’s a petty, contemptible thing for doing so. But she’s designated as a hero, so threatening a village with death seems to be handwaved as ‘she didn’t mean it’ (I think she did, she looked like she did, those men thought she did).

    Snow, I think, will be forgiven anything villainous short of killing someone outright.

    But Jassart? No forgiveness for him. Why? Because he’s, honestly, acting like a far more normal being.

    1) He doesn’t like or trust Snow. Well, as I stated, most people wouldn’t. A creature that can bury you in snow or encase you in ice would never be.

    2) He helped Bertrande in trying to kill Snow. For money. The former is explained by the distrust and fear he feels. He feels no loyalty to something that isn’t even human. And as for money, well, he’s a thief and a mercenary, how is that surprising in any way?

    3) He betrayed his friend. Well, his friends have also betrayed him. And nobody seems to mind THAT.

    4) He lies and manipulates. Please, guys, that one’s ridiculous. At this point, Jassart’s only reall asset is the knowledge he possesses. If he tells it completely, then he’s got nothing to offer and he knows that. Offering carefully packaged bits of information is what any information broker would do.

    So people despise him for being sane enough NOT to fall in love with a being made out of snow (we’d lock Blaise up in the loony bin if we heard him say that in the real world), and for acting like he’s been acting since the first time we saw him.

    Now, I know most people will be furious. But if you wish to refute, do so without bothering about Snow. Because I think he was right to think the way he was about her.


      Any minute now, Jassart will be described as despicable and Snow as heroic. If my comments aren’t handwaved away because of the criminal offense some thing I committed, the criminal offense of not liking Snow. Strangely, I’ve described why I don’t like Snow more thoroughly than most have described why they don’t like Jassart.


      Pretty accurate analysis. There aren’t any heroes and villains in this story, just flawed individuals making bad decisions as they all move towards (probable) disaster. That’s what makes this one of the stand-out webcomics IMHO.

      And yes, I can see M. LeBlanc’s point of view. Wouldn’t want my daughter to marry him though.

      And I can’t help thinking people would be less sympathetic to Ms By-Night if she looked more like her Dad. :-)


      While I do agree with most of what you said, I hold this against him.

      He betrayed a man who would never have betrayed him. He sold out Blaise’s trust and friendship. His own perspective on Snow-by-night doesn’t excuse that.

      This is why I’m looking forward to the panel when Vivienne actually DOES kick him so hard his other 3 aliases will feel it.


        Correction upon further examination… that would be Jacqueline kicking him…

        Jacqueline, can I have your cell number? I would love to buy you a steak dinner for that!


        Blaise also betrayed Jassart, left him in a burning house, fled the scene. Bertrande died, and Jassart almost did. Over a snow creature he only met weeks ago at best. He, too, threw that friendship away. And while Jassart seemed to at least think he was breaking Blaise out of a strange whim (which would have fit Blaise’s personality as Jassart knew it), what is Blaise’s reason aside from his rather insane attachment to Snow?

        As long as Blaise’s actions are handwaved as okay, I will do the same with Jassart’s. Otherwise, its just plain unjust.


    *sees glimpse* What is he trying to say? that Snow is a demon or something!? At least she isn’t a compulsive liar like someone I know!


      Well, in those days, Spirits and Demons were pretty similar things in people’s minds. Jassart isn’t actually lying, just telling a pretty common point of view.

      And demons have been known to take beautiful forms to lead men astray in folklore, so Snow looking good wouldn’t really settle any unease.

    C. Mage

    Wow…..really starting to despise Jassart now.


    Vivienne – with a cheery expression, “I could have you arrested and tortured for the information.”

    I am liking the Governor’s daughter more and more. Jassart is in over his head.

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