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Chapter 10, Page 6

January 21st, 2015

Jassart learns the identity of his mysterious caller on Chapter 10, Page 6. Vivienne has some questions after the last time she visited Jassart – well, one question in particular. It seems Jassart guessed that she might. To see Jacqueline’s opinion of Jassart, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics for a sneak peek at the next page.

Eric has returned from his trip, but he was so jet-lagged and sick that he’s in no shape to post anything today. Hopefully he’ll recover in time for Friday’s update, or else I’ll show up with fake spoilers to cover for him! (Chapter 84: It Was Actually A Dream All Along)



    That last panel is beaaaautiful!


    “People do things I ask. It’s very convenient.” lol. Good line. Gotta love Viv. :)


    ‘Nothing out of the ordinary, just draining a manitou of her existence for the aether it has while her boyfriend tried to stop Bertrande and myself.’

    oOOO, I LIKE her. She gets right to it!


    OK. just saw the vote incentive… My comment from the last strip is now officially replied to, lol


    Oho, gets right to the point, nice one Vivienne >:3


    The vote image doesn’t work


    Jassart is playing a dangerous game if he makes up a lie. Getting caught out lying to Vivienne de Carailles doesn’t strike me as the kind of thing one wants to risk.

    Nevertheless, I predict he will make up a lie all the same.

    (If he does say what was really going on, I’m curious what Vivienne’s reaction would be. She could very well agree that destroying a Manitou to extract its aether was the correct course of action.)

      Actually, I would expect him to tell her exactly what happened, but in such a way that makes him look like a hero, Bertrande look like an innocent victim, Snow look like a monster, and Blaise look like a dangerous psychotic.


        That is EXACTLY what I was thinking. He might very well tell all of it but twist it all up to win her favor.


    Oh gods. NAIL HIM TO THE WALL!!! DO IT!!!!!

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