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The firebird is trapped inside the earth on Page 9 of A Berry from the Sun. The plan of Eyes-like-Night worked and the corrupted manitou has withered away. We’re rapidly reaching the conclusion of this vignette. Chapter 11 is on the horizon. We’ll be meeting several new characters in Chapter 11. See one of them for yourself when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

If you’ve enjoyed the artwork for this vignette, Cari Corene and Amanda Coronado are running a Kickstarter campaign for her new book Floral Frolic. It’s amazingly adorable. Check it out! It’s a Kickstarter Staff Pick.


    Stampers Saverem

    ….And so the Nasty Chicken dies, consumed by his own gassy ego….

    Seems like Just Desserts to me!

    I’m actually going to be sad when this short story ends! It’s become such a daily part of life, doing these SbN paintings!

    Thanks for sharing with your readers! I hope everyone has enjoyed Cari’s pretty paintings in this story (and will check out more in our KS)! Pretty paintings everywhere!

    Also this is the prettiest dead bird ever. XD

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